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Project Connected Home over IP



Challenge Linked Dwelling over IP is a brand new Working Group inner the Zigbee
Alliance. This Working Group plans to design and promote the adoption of a brand new,
royalty-free connectivity normal to acquire bigger compatibility amongst trim residence
merchandise, with security as a traditional develop tenet.

The aim of the Linked Dwelling over IP venture is to simplify pattern for
manufacturers and acquire bigger compatibility for consumers. The venture is built
round a shared belief that trim residence devices ought to be stable, legit, and
seamless to use. By constructing upon Web Protocol (IP), the venture targets to
enable verbal exchange across trim residence devices, cell apps, and cloud products and providers
and to account for a particular plight of IP-based fully networking technologies for map

The Zigbee Alliance officially opened the Challenge Linked Dwelling over IP
(Challenge CHIP) Working Group on January 17, 2020 and is in the scheme of
drafting the specification.

Talk about with to be taught extra and browse
the most fresh news and updates about the venture.

Pattern Targets

Challenge Linked Dwelling over IP is developed with the following targets and
solutions in mind:

Unifying: Challenge CHIP will manufacture a brand new specification, constructing with and
on top of market-examined, existing technologies.

Interoperable: The specification permits verbal exchange between any Challenge
CHIP-licensed map, arena to users’ permission.

Get: The specification leverages stylish security practices and protocols.

Person Alter: The close user is as much as the mark of authorization for interplay
with devices.

Federated: No single entity serves as a throttle or a
single-point-of-failure for root of have confidence.

Sturdy: The plight of protocols specify a complete lifecycle of a tool —
starting with the seamless out-of-box expertise, through operational protocols,
to map and map administration specs required for upright feature in
the presence of exchange.

Low Overhead: The protocols are nearly implementable on low
compute-resource devices, corresponding to MCUs.

Pervasive: The protocols are broadly deployable and accessible, due to
leveraging IP and being implementable on low-functionality devices.

Ecosystem-Flexible: The protocol ought to be versatile enough to accommodate
deployment in ecosystems with differing insurance policies.

Simple to Use: The protocol ought to are trying to manufacture relaxed, cohesive, integrated
provisioning and out-of-box expertise.

Commence: The Challenge’s develop and technical processes ought to be initiate and
transparent to the average public, at the side of to non-participants wherever doable.

Structure Overview

CHIP Architecture Overview

The Challenge, as illustrated above, defines the software program layer that will be
deployed on devices and controllers to boot to the supported IPv6-based fully networks
to support enact our interoperability architectural aim. Challenge CHIP will
at the foundation support Wi-Fi and Thread for core, operational communications and
Bluetooth Low Vitality (BLE) to simplify map commissioning and setup.

The Application Layer is more doubtless to be extra broken down seven fundamental parts:

CHIP Stack Architecture

  1. Application: High account for industrial common sense of a tool. As an instance, an
    software program that is targeted on lighting would per chance possess common sense to address turning
    on/off the bulb to boot its coloration traits.

  2. Recordsdata Mannequin: Recordsdata primitives that support characterize the more than a few
    functionalities of the devices. The Application operates on these info
    constructions when there is intent to work along with the map.

  3. Interaction Mannequin: Represents a plight of actions that is more doubtless to be performed on
    the devices to work along with it. As an instance, reading or writing attributes
    on a tool would correspond to interactions with the devices. These actions
    operate on the constructions outlined by the records model.

  4. Motion Framing: Once an action is constructed utilizing the Interaction
    Mannequin, it’s framed into a prescriptive packed binary format to enable being
    well represented on the “wire”.

  5. Safety: An encoded action body is then sent down to the Safety Layer
    to encrypt and impress the payload to be particular info is secured and
    authenticated by both sender and receiver of a packet.

  6. Message Framing & Routing: With an interplay encrypted and signed, the
    Message Layer constructs the payload format with required and non-indispensable header
    fields; which specify properties of the message to boot some routing

  7. IP Framing & Transport Management: After the final payload has been
    constructed, it’s sent to the underlying transport protocol for IP
    administration of the records.

The Challenge’s develop and technical processes are meant to be initiate and
transparent to the average public, at the side of to Work Group non-participants wherever
doable. The supply of this GitHub repository and its supply code below
an Apache v2 license is a indispensable and demonstrable step to achieving this

The Challenge endeavors to raise collectively the ideal components of market-examined
technologies and to redeploy them as a unified and cohesive complete-map
resolution. The total aim of this map is to raise the advantages of the
Challenge to consumers and manufacturers as swiftly as doable. As a end result, what
you look in this repository is an implementation-first system to the
technical specification, vetting integrations in put collectively.

The Challenge repository is rising and evolving to place into effect the total
architecture. The repository for the time being contains the safety foundations,
message framing and dispatch, an implementation of the interplay model and
info model. The code examples computer screen easy interactions, and are supported on
multiple transports — Wi-Fi and Thread — starting with resource-constrained
(i.e., memory, processing) silicon platforms to support be particular the Challenge’s

We welcome your contributions to Challenge Linked Dwelling over IP. Learn our
contribution guidelines here.

Instructions about how to originate Challenge Linked Dwelling over IP is more doubtless to be realized

The Linked Dwelling over IP repository is structured as follows:

File / Folder Contents
.default-version Default Challenge CHIP version if none is accessible through supply code administration tags, .dist-version, or .native-version
originate/ Originate map support boom material and originate output directories More detailed info on configuring and constructing Challenge CHIP for assorted targets Code of Conduct for Challenge CHIP, and contributions to it Pointers for contributing to Challenge CHIP Contributors to Challenge CHIP
doctors/ Documentation
examples/ Example firmware functions that computer screen use of Challenge CHIP expertise
integrations/ Third occasion integrations linked to this venture
integrations/docker/ Docker scripts and Dockerfiles
LICENSE Challenge CHIP License file (Apache 2.0)
Makefile-Android Convenience makefile for constructing Challenge CHIP against Android
Makefile-Standalone Convenience makefile for constructing Challenge CHIP as a standalone package on desktop and server systems This file
src/ Implementation of Challenge CHIP
third_party/ Third-occasion code extinct by Challenge CHIP
tools/ Tools desired to work with the Challenge CHIP repo

Challenge CHIP is released below the Apache 2.0 license.

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