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Project Iceman: Antarctica’s first Ironman-distance triathlon


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Anders Hofman during the cycling stage of his Ironman triathlon in Antarctica
Hofman and his group reached the commence point after per week at sea from Ushuaia, Argentina

Monday, 24 February 2020, 3: 30am. Cape Legoupil, Antarctica

The climate window of 24-36 hours has handed and I’m quiet right here. Reduced to a lunge and with the snow coming in sideways, I even hold had to scheme camp. Now, I’m in a position to barely stand up exterior the tent. The glacier is on the centre of a blizzard, with gusts of more than 90mph. There is nothing to fabricate but wait. For a scheme prolonged, I make no longer know. It is no longer a stir, it is miles survival.

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A year earlier and more than 5,000 miles north of Cape Legoupil, Anders Hofman stood shivering in old frigid climate sunlight on the edge of Copenhagen harbour.

Carrying most efficient a pair of sad trunks, he plunged into the quiet, murky water below. The temperature became barely 1C. Thirty-5 seconds later he clambered, shaking and gasping, motivate onto the boardwalk. This wasn’t the commence of his practicing, but it with out a doubt became the work that might perchance presumably well reach in most purposeful.

The target of Venture Iceman became easy. Hofman became hunting for to alter into the first human to total an Ironman-distance triathlon – a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike leg and a marathon – within the least appropriate continent for the form of feat; Antarctica.

Anders Hofman, on completion of the Ironman triathlon
Hofman and his group hold produced a documentary film of the scenario

The preparations by myself had been, to say the least, sophisticated. The 28-year-old vogue had to assemble a bunch to e-book, motivate and doc his are trying on what’s a largely uncharted land mass. He had to search out equipment that might perchance presumably well allow him to stride, cycle and swim with out perishing within the crude frosty. He had to search out sponsors to fund the expedition. And at closing he had to put together himself.

At the least it became no longer Hofman’s first Ironman. A fervent footballer and effectively being enthusiast, he achieved one in his house metropolis of Copenhagen in 2016, ticking it off among a bucket list of athletic challenges. He didn’t gain the Ironman bug though, and thought it became the cease of his triathlon profession.

But then, two elements coincided to lift him motivate to it. First, Hofman started work for a commence-up that susceptible synthetic intelligence to motivate triathletes tailor their practicing. With the game forefront in his strategies at work, he then stumbled across a video on-line. It featured fellow Dane Nick Jacobsen kiteboarding off the helipad of a Dubai resort, the sky-scraping 5-neatly-known particular person Burj Al Arab. It became the top possible kiteboarding jump ever.external-link

Hofman wanted his pick up piece of historic past. But he also wanted to push his psychological boundaries in addition to to triathlon’s physical frontiers.

“I’m no longer a tall fan of the frosty or the disciplines of triathlon themselves,” he tells BBC Sport.

“But I esteem that it is miles a practicing of the strategies, of mindfulness and the vogue you overcome.”

And this is the rationale, along with hours of practicing, journeys to specialist sub-zero chambers, Greenland, Iceland and Norway, he went for his early-morning dip in Copenhagen harbour.

Over the direction of the next six days, he repeated the test. Day after day he tried to care for in longer.

When he bought out of the water on day seven, his face drained ghostly white and his body blotched crimson by broken blood vessels, he had managed 11 minutes and 5 seconds.

“My body couldn’t hold changed that noteworthy over seven days,” he says. “It became with out a doubt ultimate staying in motivate a watch on of your strategies when your entire body and design is below crude stress.

“We are in a position to manufacture more than our minds let us imagine.”

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Saturday, 22 February 2020, 5: 30am. Venture Iceman startline, Antarctica

We left Copenhagen 20 days within the past. Flight to Frankfurt, onto Buenos Aires after which to Ushuaia on the southern tip of Argentina. A week at sea, one other week at Bernardo O’Higgins – the Chilean Antarctic review defective – and now, finally, I’m standing on the build to commence. It is a clear morning, most efficient a slight fresh, two motivate boats ready, absolute top stipulations for the swim. It begins.

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As Hofman dived into the Southern Ocean, the crew on one of his two motivate boats had been focused most efficient on the likelihood of him being joined by a much higher, higher swimmer.

Leopard seals can develop to 3.5m prolonged, weigh 500kg and swim at speeds of 25mph. In 2003, one attacked and killed a British scientistexternal-link diving in waters off Antarctica.

Whereas his motivate boat became poised to haul him aboard on the first signal of ache, Hofman became wrestling with his pick up demons.

“For the first kilometre, my unconscious became ultimate making an are trying to assemble me to present up,” he says.

“It became asserting that right here’s a harmful opinion, it is miles too some distance, it is miles too frosty, that the entire thing is now not wise.”

That foreboding gave approach to a trance-esteem convey that even a trundler in a leisure centre experiences on occasion; the mind lulled by the rhythm of the stroke, the space softly eroding away.

And then, with his gaze alternating between inky depths and the polar heavens, Hofman seen land. Practically two-and-a-half of miles of sub-zero water became on the motivate of him, glacial ice became finally motivate below his toes and his least popular of the three disciplines had been achieved.

With his naked fingers and toes first numbed by the frosty after which buzzing with the anguish of returning blood, it took 30 minutes to alter equipment. It took one other 20 minutes of walking to revive his frozen legs. Lastly he became on his bike and pedalling thru the snow.

Because the first 5km breezed past, his strategies wandered to what it’d be select to carry out. The 2nd 5km made him mediate he never would.

Anders Hofman
“The entire message on the motivate of the mission became that boundaries are most efficient perceptions,” says Hofman

It lasted two hours; his average bustle didn’t reach 2mph, his mosey punctuated by deflating falls. Because the morning had old vogue on, the rising, warming sun had left Hofman ploughing thru a treacherous, energy-sapping sludge. The ice became no longer the ideal thing melting down.

“I wasn’t exhausted at that point, I had most efficient been going four hours, but the space and time quiet closing became so obscure,” he says.

“Taking a watch from the exterior, all the pieces I became doing became with out a doubt dull. But in my strategies all the pieces became racing – there became the physical scenario, the frustration that I became no longer going faster and all the negative strategies intruding.”

Hofman became caught in a twin-bustle world. His psychological convey and emotions manically darted about in his head whereas his bike edged painfully slowly across a whiteness perma-lit by the mid-summer time sun.

To motivate motivate a watch on, he deployed the tactics he had susceptible in Copenhagen harbour a year sooner than. In the water, he had counted his breaths – groups of 60 sooner than initiating over – to interrupt down time into comprehendible chunks.

In Antarctica, he focused most efficient on chalking off the next kilometre.

Anders Hofman during the swim stage of the Ironman triathlon
Hofman says he is “no longer a receive swimmer” and that triathlon is no longer his popular sport

After 27 hours within the saddle, with out a wink of sleep, he quiet had 60 of these kilometres quiet in front of him sooner than he might perchance presumably well commence the marathon.

“I started doubting whether I might perchance presumably well in fact carry out. That became my closing low, bodily and mentally – I’m no longer certain if I’ll gather to that point in my life again,” says Hofman.

“The entire message on the motivate of the mission became that boundaries are most efficient perceptions, but I make no longer mediate I realised I’d hold to interrupt my pick up, in addition to to other peoples’.”

With the frosty suppressing the hormones that stimulate thirst, Hofman’s motivate group took on the job as an different, forcing him to hydrate at hourly intervals. As he battled on, one other factor became a threat.

Hofman’s group – which incorporated knowledgeable Antarctic guides, in addition to to photographers and filmmakers from Denmark, the US and Norway – had allowed a day and a half of for the are trying.

Fervent by he had achieved a half of-Ironman within the Arctic Circle in below 11 hours, it looked an inexpensive estimate.

But with the are trying effectively on the motivate of schedule, their window of soft climate became closing.

By 1: 30am on Monday morning, 44 and half of hours for the rationale that commence but with more than half of of the 26-mile marathon quiet to total, Hofman became pressured to rob safe haven.

His stride had change into runt more than a stumble because the wind and snow whipped around him. With affords dwindling but the carry out somewhat end in distance if no longer time, all but one of his guides became evacuated.

Hofman and his closing partner made camp. And waited.

“The stipulations had been so crazy, but, isolated on the glacier, we couldn’t transfer anywhere,” explains Hofman.

“Had we been motivate on the Chilean defective, we presumably would hold cancelled the are trying. But we had no desire but to wait it out. Having bought thus some distance, I wanted to carry out it, no topic it could maybe presumably well rob.”

Anders Hofman during the marathon stage of his Ironman triathlon in Antarctica
All the scheme thru Antarctica’s summer time months (January and March) temperatures are hotter but quiet on the entire below 0C

Hofman spent 27 hours huddled within the camp, spinning out his food and looking out forward to the climate to creep.

Lastly the wind dropped, the snow stopped and he emerged to say an eerie, easy victory over the functions and the good psychological and physical job he had build of residing himself.

“In the cease it took me ultimate lower than 73 hours,” he says.

“It became a surreal feeling. At events it felt esteem it became never going to end so it became advanced to bewitch that it became achieved.

“It became a crazy tall sense of reduction because it became scheme past what any of us had predicted as a worst-case scenario.

“But there might perchance be no physical carry out line, esteem in a typical Ironman or triathlon. Simply all proper away I became there, with the identical guys on the identical glacier, but achieved.”

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Tuesday, 3 March 2020, South Atlantic Ocean

I hadn’t thought further than the Iceman. But as soon as I achieved on the glacier I became achieved with ice, snow, and being frosty. I ultimate must be house. I even hold told the group, I’m achieved. But we’re quiet at sea, quiet per week away from Ushuaia in Argentina, 10 days away from Copenhagen, quiet communicating with the exterior world most efficient by occasional texts and emails.

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When he docked in Argentina, Hofman realised the arena became a selected design to the one he had left on the motivate of.

Abet then, in early February, coronavirus became confined mainly to China. The largest outbreak exterior of its borders had been 61 conditions on board the Diamond Princess cruise liner, quarantined off the Eastern flee.

The term Covid-19 became yet to even be coined by world effectively being officers.

On his return to Ushuaia in Argentina on 10 March on the opposite hand, a wave became breaking over Europe. Italy became in lockdown after a entire bunch of deaths whereas Spain, Germany and France had been all reporting more than 1,000 conditions.

“We had been completely off the grid,” remembers Hofman. “We hadn’t had any web connection since we first build of residing fly from Argentina, with most efficient the extraordinary text from house.

“That became the first time we realised the seriousness of the problem – it became all the scheme in which thru the news.”

It became the initiating gun for a brand fresh, unexpected stir.

The Top Minister of Denmark became publicly discussing whether to end the nation’s borders. Flights had been being cancelled. The surprise occasion Hofman’s guests and family had planned became already postponed. In fast it regarded as though the guest of honour might perchance presumably well also fair be indefinitely delayed.

Hofman made it house 11 hours sooner than a ban on foreign voters entering his nation came into manufacture. Now as he looks to be motivate – from 35 seconds in Copenhagen harbour to 72 hours on the cease of the arena – he thinks his abilities can motivate these struggling in these most crude events.

“The mindset might perchance presumably well even be utilized to each and the entire lot of life,” he says. “Loads of issues we’re facing are stuffed with uncertainty and our targets might perchance presumably well also fair appear some distance-off magnificent now.

“It might perchance presumably well even be advanced to be bid material and at ease with yourself and motivate entering into the face of intense challenges.

“But dividing our mosey into smaller chunks and no longer being overwhelmed by the space quiet to bound can allow you to assemble there.”

Anders Hofman and his support team pose for a photo on completion of the Ironman triathlon in Antarctica
Hofman and his motivate group pose for a photograph in occasion of their success

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