Ray-Tracing Support for Amdgpu LLVM Back-End Lands for RDNA 2



AMD previously confirmed it’d be supporting right-time ray-tracing with their subsequent-technology GPUs whereas now one month out from the Radeon RX 6000 series debut are the main signs of the open-source driver work around GPU ray-tracing.

One day after recognizing the patches for AV1 video decode with VCN 3.0, essentially the most in style open-source Radeon driver work to present is the basics around their ray-tracing introduction.

Hitting the LLVM 12 construction codebase today time became [AMDGPU] gfx1030 RT improve. Whereas that can also merely no longer sound all that appealing, that for the shader compiler lend a hand-discontinue is the initial ray-tracing improve for GFX1030 (GFX10.3 / Navi 2).

That code is in conjunction with the compiler lend a hand-discontinue LLVM intrinsic for the AMDGCN “intersect ray” operation.

This by itself will not be really all that appealing as we knew these upcoming AMD Radeon GPUs would add hardware ray-tracing for taking on NVIDIA RTX, but it does present they are working on the Linux/open-source improve.

Apart from this AMDGPU LLVM commit, the Vulkan ray-tracing must be wired up in the AMD Radeon Vulkan driver code. For that AMD is working on their official Vulkan driver that for the open-source fabricate is AMDVLK. We have not seen AMD pushing AMDVLK Navi 2 / RX 6000 series code but to their repository so for that we’re going to doubtless decide to aid till after start old to they push out their modern improve there. On the RADV facet it is going to be left up to the builders at the likes of Google and Valve to salvage the Vulkan ray-tracing improve learned for this Mesa Radeon Vulkan driver. RADV already has begun in conjunction with Navi 2 improve in conjunction with ACO additions albeit up to now appears to be untested.

For the open-source driver improve baseline outside of the exhaust of a packaged Radeon Application for Linux driver on supported distributions, Linux 5.9 + LLVM 11 + Mesa 20.2 is asking to be the minimal viable improve. On the different hand, given that facets take care of ray-tracing are in flux and we’re seeing more kernel facet work coming for Linux 5.10, as usual it is going to be a discipline with modern hardware the set up the exhaust of the more recent Git improve will most ceaselessly imply better improve, more facets, and bigger performance. Finally as soon as the Radeon RX 6000 series graphics playing cards start, we will be in a collection up to attain the checking out and provide more important ingredients as to the Linux improve, performance, and versioning recommendations. Finally, gigantic to peer this AMDGPU LLVM RT improve and other modern facets proceed to land pre-start.

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