Sponsor Revi and catch a box every three months

When will I catch the boxes?

You could per chance catch the first box quickly after you subscribe after which roughly every 3 months after that.

How can I assassinate my sponsorship?

You are going to be ready to assassinate your sponsorship at any time. We consider that existence adjustments and we essentially like your enhance while which probabilities are you’ll.

What’s going to be in the boxes?

It is miles a surprise box! 🙂 We are able to ship some products that we produce: bracelets, earrings, necklaces, knitted products, toys and
something from the family who prepares your box. In due route, our thought is to search out out about additional products from different groups
that we know to make certain you repeatedly receive something different.

Why every 3 months after I receive charged for the sponsorship month-to-month?

At the commence, we desire it to be environmentally well-behaved and no longer spend powerful of your sponsorship on shipping expenses.
Also, we desire you to be taken aback in the occasion you catch our boxes.
So, lets no longer uncover you precisely after they’re on their diagram… 🙂

About us

The Revi Household

We’re a neighborhood of Syrian and global volunteers helping Syrian households residing in the city of Izmir, Turkey.

Felipe Coimbra

Revi Founder

Montaser Alahmar

Revi Coordinator

Revi used to be created in Jan 2016. Since then, now we have confidence had the privilege to host over 200 volunteers from round the enviornment who came to lend a hand out.
We now have confidence got met over 600 households residing in the Basmane / Kadifekale neighborhoods of Izmir. Many of which we’re serene involved with.
Some have confidence immigrated to different nations.

We now have confidence got helped the households with emergency attend, successfully being disorders, translations, colleges, and friendships.

From the commence, our predominant purpose used to be to search out abilities or pursuits that folk had and look if we would per chance additionally attain the leisure to lend a hand them. To illustrate,
gave stitching machines to ladies who knew learn how to sew. After which we would purchase one of the well-known things that they made. We now have confidence attach of residing up some hair dressers with what they
wanted with the diagram to cut hair from home. (And our volunteers would repeatedly perambulate receive their hair cut with them too.)

One of the well-known actions that grew to change into the hallmark of our neighborhood had been our Sunday dinners. In the commence it used to be designed to lend a hand some households who loved cooking
with some monetary enhance. Pretty than the volunteers getting together at entertaining areas, we would perambulate to the households’ homes and have confidence dinners with them.
Over dinner, we would learn powerful more in regards to the households, their family, their experiences, their hopes and dreams, to boot to their desires.
Oftentimes, they’d invite some neighbors or family who lived nearby. So many reminiscences 🙂

Later, we opened a couple of puny amenities and hired some lecturers from the neighborhood to indicate the kids who had been no longer attending any college on the time.
Then, because it grew to change into more uncomplicated to receive registered into the Turkish College gadget, we act as a transition college or after college actions.

We started a program with a couple of women to supply knitted products after which seed bead bracelets, which we sell at our
on-line store and through different companions.

Now, Revi is shuffle by our very perfect 5 lecturers. We now have confidence got two puny colleges. Our bracelet program has 32 ladies and our knitting program has
six ladies.

Many of our volunteers have confidence change into lawful friends and are serene involved with one different and some with the households straight. We’re the Revi Household.