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RedisTimeSeries 1.4 GA was released


Right here’s the Regular Availability originate for RedisTimeSeries 1.4.


Capability to backfill time series! You might presumably presumably additionally now add samples to a time series where the time of the sample is older than the most modern sample in the series. This enables:

  • Adding out of present of samples to time series.
  • Batch loading of historical samples into an existing series.
  • Updating existing samples (for instance for compliance causes).

This has been the most requested characteristic for RedisTimeSeries. We glimpse ahead to your feedback so we can high-tail to a standard availability originate soon.

Puny print:

  • Added functionality:
    • #254 TS.REVRANGE and TS.MREVRANGE [commands] enable for querying in descending present of Timestamps.(
    • #503 – RDB saves the entire chunk as an different of particular particular person samples giving a bustle and explain enchancment when saving or loading an RDB file
    • #502 – The skill to space, at introduction time, the knowledge half size of every chunk using flag CHUNK_SIZE. TS.INFO uses chunkSize as an different of maxSamplesPerChunk.
    • #437 Enable backfilling of samples and updating of existing samples
      • Works with compressed and uncompressed series.
      • This comes with a performance hit when a sample is written out-of-present. We can put up numbers when we’re most incessantly readily accessible, nonetheless are quiet concerned with optimisations.
    • #521 DUPLICATE_POLICY permits to configure on module, series and sample stage clear-reduce how one can address duplicate samples. A duplicate sample is a sample for which the series holds already a sample on the same timestamp. Indicate that the default behaviour is equal to v1.2: BLOCK


The version internal Redis might be 10405 or 1.4.5 in semantic versioning. For the reason that version of a module in Redis is numeric, we might presumably presumably now not add an GA flag.

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