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River, a novel News Search app


Jeremy Fisher

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Posting a dozen like a flash movies and photos to a social network over the direction of a day looks abnormal now, however this wasn’t the case in 2012. That’s the Three hundred and sixty five days my firm Drag developed an antidote for the carefully filtered, contextless sharing abilities. Quite than highlight a single 2nd, Days encouraged sharing all the arrangement in which through a chunky 24-hour duration. We believed a day’s rate of mumble material, introduced in the inform it become as soon as created, equipped important context and immediate a story far increased than the sum of its formulation. After we equipped the firm, the layout we pioneered with Days grew to become popularly known as Tales.

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Days (@Drag) vs Snapchat in the early days of Tales

Because the Tales layout continued to take off, it grew to become obvious that the fashion we consumed data on-line — from unique events to sports actions to politics — become as soon as lacking context (equivalent to our observations around sharing in 2012). I’d survey a tweet and are making an attempt to Google the topic for added data, or I’d read a piece of writing after which search Reddit for all the dialog. Even worse, on-line echo chambers and exploit algorithms funneled us in direction of unwanted and progressively objectionable mumble material.

After two years of fashion, recently we’re launching River to reimagine mumble material discovery. If the previous few years comprise taught us one thing else, it’s that misinformation flourishes without credible context from all around the receive.

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River straight organizes every part other folks are talking about on-line — from science to fashion, in the Times and on Twitter — staunch into a personalized scramble of chew-sized, shareable tales that will get better as you spend it.

Leveraging cutting-edge mumble material idea (what’s it about, who created it, and the arrangement in which it suits into the broader panorama) and personalization abilities, River works without user accounts, exploit algorithms, friending, following, or gain entry to to previous on-line process.

River’s abilities responds to unique and sudden events as they happen and learns as the community engages, increasing a somewhat about a abilities for every user in milliseconds. From this Three hundred and sixty five days’s royal exit to the Kamala Harris VP nomination to essentially the most up-to-date breaking COVID-19 updates, River is conscious of and captures crucial tales and conversations in genuine time.

Apart from to mumble of the art recommender and data retrieval methods, we’ve built two unique objects of craftsmanship to straight bear sense of and location up mumble material because it’s miles published all the arrangement in which during the receive.

The secret’s designed to deeply realize all kinds of mumble material (tweets, websites, TikTok movies, etc.) and mumble material publishers (from marvelous media organizations to user-generated mumble material). Our device understands what every bit of mumble material is ready, who created it, and the arrangement in which it suits into the broader panorama. As an illustration, River can title each person, rate, idea, and place within a given piece of mumble material, and learns the connection between those entities. It might perhaps additionally differentiate between subsidiaries and native retailers, long-established and republished mumble material, and ties between journalists and their publishers.

The 2nd is the River “storymaker.” Every video, article and tweet River ingests is fed into the storymaker, which identifies the context tied to every bit of mumble material and groups articles, movies, and tweets on the same memoir into trending clusters. This makes it conceivable to take out essentially the most attention-grabbing and annoying tales, even as they’re unfolding in genuine-time.

Within the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and Shaded Lives Topic Circulation, there become as soon as a broad uptick in other folks sharing sources on-line and, individually, posting selfie video reactions to unique events. We saw a chance to bring these two impactful behaviors collectively by designing a objective in River for users to piece a video response to one thing else in the app.

Overflow App Trailer

After seeing the response to this objective in beta, we hasty realized how powerful it will also be by itself and spun it out staunch into a separate app known as Overflow.

Overflow is a brand unique sort of community, one the place other folks piece and abilities reactions to one thing else on the cyber web.

We previously developed core formulation of search and discovery at Google, Twitter, and Bing, and led global redesigns of Instagram and Spotify. In barely over two years, our team built one of essentially the most sophisticated mumble material idea and discovery methods on this planet from the ground up. We wanted a location of investors that mirrored our abilities and believed in our vision of the place the cyber web is headed. We’ve raised $10.4M in funding from some of essentially the most talented investors in the enterprise, along side Founders Fund, .406 Ventures, Field Crew, Scooter Braun, Josh Kushner, and Raised in Condominium.

Navigating the long term of mumble material discovery without the pitfalls is a broad carrying out. We accrued comprise a protracted formulation to head, however imagine other folks deserve and desperately want this reimagined abilities.

To learn extra about River, visit us at

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