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Scala – Just enough rope to hang yourself (2013)


Final week Dan and I did a presentation at the Springer offices for the Functional Media meetup about our experiences with Scala. We thought it is far also spellbinding to talk about the mistakes we had made with Scala as we thought that is liable to be extra spellbinding than rehashing a bunch of assorted talks about why Scala is or is no longer any longer factual.

Which that you can maybe also procure the slides right here

Scala is a truly feature rich language and due to of this there are pretty a few strategies of doing things. This used to be how Scala used to be designed, to enable developers to shriek themselves in a versatile capability in contrast to languages devour Java.

This pliability is a double-edged sword and I hold this no longer simplest effects our workers nonetheless can also lift out the OSS community spherical Scala. Some developers be conscious the vitality in being in a effect to jot down DSLs or construct cool kind programs which they suspect will seemingly be truly precious nonetheless are seemingly to be no longer truly as generalised and factual as they suspect and can also hamstring assorted developers. As Jeff Atwood says writing re-usable code is onerous and that’s amazingly magnificent when with a versatile language devour Scala.

This at once involves thoughts after I learn this put up by Giles Alexander.

I will truly fancy doubtless the most necessary creator’s sentiments. If I started Scala with out the abet of working with some very skilled programmers in a pair programming setting I agree with I would procure it a nightmare too.

His complaints about def and val to me seem devour inexperience in his workers with Scala, which then capability the following code is no longer any longer easy for all and sundry. Again, right here is Scala’s flexibility hurting a workers. I truly shriek factual Scala code reads truly neatly, then again it takes some self-discipline and knowhow. Scala can tempt you into writing code you specialise in appears to be like gigantic nonetheless is amazingly onerous for assorted other folks to learn.

Lessons from our focus on

If you happen to settle on to desire to beget a productive workers working with Scala, we feel that you can like

  • An alive to workers – A workers that truly desires to learn Scala the effect other folks point to novel much strategies of getting stuff done to the leisure of the workers
  • Pair programming – This helps more contemporary other folks stand up to scratch with Scala.
  • Code overview – You settle on to desire to encourage your workers to learn the system to weild Scala’s vitality nonetheless at Springer we guarantee now we beget weekly workers code overview the effect we lumber over code so all and sundry understands
  • Interrogate things – “The purposeful capability” is no longer any longer a web-all argument winner. Leveraging Scala’s vitality is enormous nonetheless readability is the largest part in code for us.
  • Monitor fabricate times – You cant truly steer sure of Scala’s compilation problems. Nonetheless in the event you invest a cramped bit time with CI to measure it, that you may maybe maybe attach steps to manage it.


There appears to be like to be a ask on pretty a few developers to be “generalists” who know a bunch of languages and will most probably be productive with them. Right here’s a wonderfully excellent blueprint because it capability developers customarily beget a huge and delivery thoughts about technical capability.

I’m no longer entirely particular if Scala is like minded to this as to jot down factual Scala requires you to position effort into discovering out and appreciating the language. It is a vitality diagram and it capability you desire to utilize time to grab the system to make use of it responsibly so that that you may maybe maybe write concise, readable code.

Some would divulge right here is a unfriendly thing, nonetheless after working with Scala for a bunch of years now and if I was to interchange language I would are looking to guarantee I picked a language which provides the same vitality and flexibility of Scala; in every other case I would potentially feel devour I’m fighting the language to receive things done.

I completely realize when other folks accuse Scala being cryptic and bloated, nonetheless I hold that basically comes from both utilizing a foul library of trusty being inexperienced. I hold the magnificent vitality of Scala is that it provides me the chance to shriek the intent of my code with out the need of sophisticated boilerplate. Nonetheless, it takes time to receive factual at it and to be staunch that is what I devour about it, there’s repeatedly extra to learn.

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