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Sept 15: Huawei chip cut-off day; no Plan B for Huawei


On September 15, the US restriction on Huawei’s chips has attain into elevate out. TSMC has stopped producing Kirin chips for Huawei. Qualcomm, Samsung, SK Hynix, and Micron now not offer chips to Huawei.

The Chinese language media “Securities Cases” quoted news from Huawei’s change chain as announcing that Huawei currently doesn’t absorb a opinion B. Someday, it would possibly maybe probably perhaps also merely “lower production dimension” from high-close cellphones to products much like cars and OLED conceal conceal drivers, and complement it with utility and cell cell phone peripheral products to take care of the loss of income.

To boot to, some dealers absorb mentioned that it is complicated to buy Huawei cellphones currently except they’re bundled with watches, bracelets, medicines, speakers, headphones, and diversified products.

On Might maybe also 15 this 300 and sixty five days, the US further restricted Huawei’s utilize of chips after inserting it within the “Entity List” final 300 and sixty five days. The US Department of Commerce launched that it would possibly maybe probably perhaps strictly restrict Huawei’s utilize of US expertise, utility rep, and manufacturing semiconductor chips to give protection to US nationwide safety.

The United States has given a 120-day grace duration for the length of which corporations much like TSMC would possibly well perhaps light proceed to map Huawei. September 15 is the predominant lower-off day for Huawei’s chip offer. Huawei’s user change CEO Yu Chengdong also mentioned earlier that after the US ban on the provision of Huawei chips takes elevate out, Kirin flagship chips can also merely change into extinct.

For the chip offer interruption, whether or not Huawei has Belief B change into a colossal quiz. “Securities Cases” reported that Huawei’s companions mentioned: “Does Huawei absorb opinion B for the chip offer lower-off? In line with the news from Huawei’s executives, it is quick not yet accessible. The categorical countermeasures must essentially be to eye home picks.”

In line with the listing, a particular person aware of Huawei’s change chain bluntly mentioned that it used to be also complicated for Huawei’s chips to eye home picks. On the one hand, high-close chips absorb technical bottlenecks and it is complicated to circumvent US expertise and instruments restrictions. Low-close chips would possibly well also be frail, however it blueprint that Huawei will have to “lower its production dimension”. On the diversified hand, Yu Chengdong mentioned building an autonomous chip production chain will not be an overnight job. It takes a truly long time and will not be at all times an change that would possibly well also be created with money alone.

The above-mentioned americans dispute that Huawei is de facto “having no blueprint out” now. “It is miles de facto not likely to take care of out high-close. Someday, we are able to finest lower to producing cars or OLED drives, and map diversified cell peripheral products much like laptops and medicines.” This 300 and sixty five days, it used to be also revealed in August that Huawei used to be making ready to vigorously map pocket book and tablet corporations in a advanced duration to address US chip restrictions.

On the eve of the chip offer lower-off, Huawei also launched a series of recent utility developments on the developer convention, along with the birth of Hongmeng Harmony OS 2.0, HMS recent developments and EMUI11. Subsequent 300 and sixty five days all Huawei cellphones can aid the Hongmeng arrangement, and so forth., indicating that Huawei intends to offer a have interaction to utility, ecosystems, and techniques to make up for the damage triggered by restrictions on hardware and have interaction opportunities for the kind of the Info superhighway of Things within the next decade. Yu Chengdong also mentioned that Huawei cellphones will entirely aid Hongmeng 2.0 as early as 2021.

Chinese language Netizens illustrate that Huawei’s Hongmeng Working Arrangement (OS) is factual a duplicate of the Android OS.

Chinese language netizens mark that the availability code of Hongmeng OS imports the Android code. The developers of Menghong didn’t even bother renaming the Android code.

Afraid Huawei would possibly well perhaps result within the downfall of Shenzhen

Earlier this 300 and sixty five days, the CCP media reported that Huawei is the main offer of income for the city of Shenzhen with high-paying jobs, consumptions, and housing demands. Some estimated that Huawei can also merely fable for 1/5 of the industrial actions in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is the one of many tip 5 cities in China with vibrant economy. Nonetheless now it is shadowed by uncertainty.

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