Show HN: A Failed CRM for WhatsApp


It used to be presupposed to be a deepest CRM, or can also aloof I call it a PRM (Non-public relationship management), my long-established thought used to be to give an open-supply model in which you might well perhaps deploy your occupy show screen and also a hosted model, so I might well make some cash motivate.

After a kinda a hit brainstorming of optimistic suggestions about learn how to show the information and what used to be presupposed to be the principle functionalities of the mission, I was disappointed whereas I constructed the MVP, Whatsapp has no easy way to generate a backup of any “readable” kind from the entire contacts, you might well perhaps be in a plight to supreme backup a user or a neighborhood every time, and with a restrict of around 40 thousand messages so there can also be a huge likelihood which that that you just might well also no longer dangle the entire messages from teams you are in since years ago. The Whatsapp backup which is often created day-to-day at mid morning time supreme will be aged by the WhatsApp app, finest!

I would argue that nobody would love the idea to generate the backup of the entire contacts which you despatched a message within the week, even extra in a third-birthday celebration app, where my target might well per chance be vitality users who utilize Whatsapp plenty, so yeah, the mission is uninteresting, RIP, but the mission license is MIT, so you might well perhaps be in a plight to procure no topic you favor with it.
But aloof, since I had already likely the most motivate-quit willing, I made up my suggestions to perform it rather of additional, so I might well lift a witness on the Blazor server.

For the fleshy memoir, and software suggestions, please check my weblog.


Please check the mission wiki, the entire data and examples concerning the deployment and functionalities are there.


Purchase into anecdote that I did nothing to encrypt the information, it is all saved in undeniable textual snarl in you laptop, someone with obtain admission to to your laptop, can also dangle obtain admission to to your chats., also docker-compose down -v can also no longer delete the folder with the information, you wish to manually delete it, within the occasion you might well perhaps lift to.

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