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Show HN: A Password Validator Without the Annoying Rules


No-bullshit password validator using raw entropy values. Hit the project with a huge name in case you watch it favorable

Produced and maintained by Qvault


This project will even be at risk of entrance a password energy meter, or merely validate password energy on the server. Benefits:

  • No wearisome tips (would no longer require uppercase, numbers, special characters, etc)
  • All the issues is primarily based mostly on entropy (raw cryptographic energy of the password)
  • Inspired by this XKCD

XKCD Passwords

⚙️ Installation

Outdoors of a Bound module:

scurry bag

🚀 Mercurial Open

package critical

import (
    passwordvalidator ""

func critical(){
    entropy := passwordvalidator.GetEntropy("a longer password")
    // entropy is a drift64, representing the energy in detrimental 2 (bits)

    const minEntropyBits = 60
    err := passwordvalidator.Validate("some password", minEntropyBits)
    // if the password has sufficient entropy, err is nil
    // otherwise, a formatted error message is geared up explaining
    // how to raise the energy of the password
    // (protected to declare to the client)

What Entropy Price Must quiet I Exhaust?

It is up to you. That said, right here’s a moderately valid graph that shows some timings for numerous values:


Somewhere in the 50-70 vary seems “common”

How It Works

First, we resolve the “detrimental” number. The detrimental is a sum of the assorted “character objects” stumbled on in the password.

The new character objects consist of:

  • 26 lowercase letters
  • 26 uppercase
  • 10 digits
  • 32 special characters – !"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[]^_{|}~

Using no longer less than one character from each and each station your detrimental number can be 94: 26+26+10+32 = 94

Each irregular character that would no longer match one in every of those objects will add 1 to the detrimental.

Whenever you simplest exhaust, shall we embrace, lowercase letters and numbers, your detrimental can be 36: 26+10 = 36.

After now we bear calculated a detrimental, the final form of brute-pressure-guesses is stumbled on using the following formulae: detrimental^size

A password using detrimental 26 with 7 characters would require 26^7, or 8031810176 guesses.

As soon as all people is aware of the form of guesses it may perchance maybe presumably maybe make a selection, we can calculate the insist entropy in bits using log2(guesses)

The calculations are accomplished in log dwelling in put collectively to steer clear of numeric overflow.

Extra Safety

To add additional security to expressionless passwords luxuriate in aaaaaaaaaaaaa, or 123123123, We alter the dimensions of the password to depend to any extent additional than two of the same character as 0.

  • aaaa has size 2
  • 12121234 has size 6

💬 Contact

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Put up a thunder (above in the factors tab)

Transient Dependencies

None! And this will most likely presumably maybe conclude that manner, with the exception of for effective for the fashioned library.

👏 Contributing

I luxuriate in wait on! Make a contribution by forking the repo and opening pull requests. Please form effective your code passes the brand new assessments and linting, and write assessments to take a look at your adjustments if appropriate.

All pull requests wishes to be submitted to the critical branch.

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