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Show HN: Branch Poke – nag people to clean up branches


Plod builders to remind them to neatly-organized up their open
branches. This instrument sends a message to someone who modified into
the final one to commit accurate into a department if the commit
modified into created a prolonged time previously or if the department has has
been “merged”.

  • BRANCHPOKE_SLACK_TOKEN or --slack_token: API token to join to Slack App.
  • BRANCHPOKE_MESSAGING_EMAIL_SUFFIXES or --messaging_email_suffixes: Suffixes of emails to enable. If effect, will excellent send emails that cease with truly apt one of many strings in this listing. Comma separated listing.
  • BRANCHPOKE_GITLAB_BASE_URL or --gitlab_base_url: URL of your gitlab instance.
  • BRANCHPOKE_GITLAB_TOKEN or --gitlab_token: API token for gitlab.
  • BRANCHPOKE_GITLAB_GROUP or --gitlab_group: If effect, excellent listing initiatives from this neighborhood.
  • BRANCHPOKE_BRANCH_AGE_MAX_SECONDS or --branch_age_max_seconds: Quantity of seconds after which a department is concept to be “customary”.


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