Show HN: Building the next-generation learning experience


Must you replicate a runt on the vogue you be taught, you would possibly seemingly salvage that in inform to ranking a skill or some stage of skills on a field, you rob 5 steps that manufacture up your studying behaviour.

1. You salvage the educational materials for the field.

2. You enter these materials into your mind thru reading and listening.

3. You route of the present facts thru memorising and associating in inform to accomplish a current thinking mannequin.

4. You practise by solving complications that are designed for studying, or by having classic conversations within the case of studying languages.

5. You apply the present skill you precise obtained and initiate rising values for the enviornment with it.

What Astrasum does is that we’re hacking studying. We would possibly like to plug your studying by helping you switch into better and better at every person amongst these steps with our skills and rising neighborhood.

We’re silent working to integrate AI and VR into our points, however they are already truthful chilly.

Are trying it out and when you happen to behold it vital or fun, please portion it in conjunction with your mates as properly!

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