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  • Are you flooded with CVs of hundreds of candidates for each and every job opening?
  • Is there possibility of confusing Files Scientist CVs with Instrument Engineer? Or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) supervisor with performance marketer?
  • Stop you will want support in screening factual candidates across numerous job functions?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “Yes”, then CVScreener is the resolution to your narrate.

Given that Human Resource (HR) groups hire across assorted job functions be pleased digital marketing, know-how, and operations, it’s tough for HR executives and managers to shortlist CVs for numerous job households. Even within job households, there are differences in necessities basis seniority of unbiased and so forth.

While reviewing CVs of hundreds of applicants for each and every job, despite most productive efforts, it’s conceivable to fail to design just among the factual candidates. Every job has detailed Job Description with multiple skill devices which desires to be matched with multiple skills and ride of the candidates. Add to that numerous components be pleased space, schooling, and so forth and the shortlisting route of becomes a long way more complex.

CVScreener is the principle of its sort resolution which is understated to make spend of for HR groups, entrepreneurs, leaders who are inquisitive regarding the hiring route of. Right here’s a proprietary product in step with Machine Learning algorithm and leverages deep ride of its founding physique of workers members in building groups, both dinky and suited.

How does this work

CVScreener can route of hundreds of CVs within minutes and harmful the CVs for each and every job basis multiple components be pleased schooling, ride, skills, space, and so forth. The HR physique of workers accurate desires to upload the total CVs got for each and every job and leave the relaxation to CVScreener.

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Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or a suited organization, we’ve a resolution for all your necessities. Please select the pricing under that almost all efficient suits your wants.




$ 19


Per company month-to-month

  • Assemble your first job
  • Add 50 CVs
  • Win high 5 ranked CVs
  • Assemble 3 users for your physique of workers


$ 149


Per company month-to-month

$ 1799


Per company per year

  • Assemble upto 10 jobs
  • Add 100 CVs per job
  • Win 10 ranked CVs per job
  • Assemble upto 10 users for your physique of workers


$ 499


Per company month-to-month

$ 5999


Per company per year

  • Assemble upto 50 jobs
  • Add 500 CVs per job
  • Win high 50 ranked CVs per job
  • Assemble upto 50 users for your physique of workers

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