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Show HN: Omni – The fast, personalized web navigation companion


Increase your productivity by rapid navigating by your delivery tabs, historical past and bookmarks.

Omni will analyze and index your browsing historical past, tabs and bookmarks for an optimal web navigation personalized expertise.

Your whole files stays native and is by no method uploaded to any web servers. You would possibly well perhaps perhaps not must salvage our note for it, the source code is unobfuscated and accessible to be inspected.

We're committed to the privateness of our users. Omni and Tefter don't uncover any adverts, they don't track you and don't repeat tense notifications.

Omni is free, nevertheless perfectly paired with, the social bookmarking toolkit for groups.

Omni is primarily intended to be venerable by the keyboard-driven user interface.

Originate Omni:
Ground Omni by hitting alt+okay. Now potentialities are you'll maybe search your historical past, tabs and bookmarks. The quest scope is configurable.

Your whole links are automatically organized into groups in accordance with some parameters of hyperlink just like the enviornment name. As an illustration and would belong to the same neighborhood named Slack. Fully the stop ten most many times accessed groups appear.
You would possibly well perhaps perhaps additionally change between groups by pressing TAB.

Collaborate with others and construct a overall knowledge sinful of your most high-quality bookmarks and aliases. Access the group's bookmarks from any web page or even by our Slack integration.

You would possibly well perhaps perhaps additionally construct shortcuts to links you continuously use. We name such shortcuts aliases. To utilize aliases you wish a Tefter chronicle. To construct an alias, read here. To search and navigate to aliases, either hit alt + a or kind /spin in the Omni search bar. You would possibly well perhaps perhaps additionally additionally navigate to an alias, shall we state docs by typing spin/docs in your browser's address bar.

To add a bookmark, hit alt+b or press on the press the extension icon  followed by the "add bookmark" possibility.

In settings potentialities are you'll maybe look for and configure keyboard shortcuts for most overall actions.

alt + b Bookmark most fresh web page
alt + okay Display Omni search
alt + a Display aliases
arrow down Salvage the next hyperlink in outcomes
ctrl + j Salvage the next hyperlink in outcomes
arrow up Salvage the previous hyperlink in outcomes
ctrl + okay Salvage the previous hyperlink in outcomes
tab Salvage the next neighborhood
shift + tab Salvage the previous neighborhood
ctrl + l Salvage the next group
ctrl + h Salvage the previous group
alt + amount Salvage the group by amount, where amount in [1, 5]
alt + 0 Deselect any group

On MacOS, use possibility ⌥ in desire to alt.

/s  Lookup  by external search
/spin  Checklist aliases and navigate to the chosen one

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