Show HN: Ruby Jard – A rich TUI debugger for Ruby


Easy to use

Easy to Inform

You accurate want to install the gem, build jard expose sooner than the distance correct sooner than the distance it’s essential end, and drag the program love generally. Jard spawns up a Terminal UI, runs correct on your terminal emulator when your program stops at a atomize level.

The UI is reliable, intuitive, but peaceable extremely fantastic adequate. Jard’s documents reach with a range of references, guides, and movies to lend a hand you to exhaust all Jard aspects.

Visualize the entirety you wish

Ruby Jard’s visual interface lets in you to grab the entirety you wish in the beginning keep leer. No more always typing listing, the keep, puts @particular person or puts BORING_CONSTANT, after which forgetting what you would be doing.

Variable visualization helps precisely the form of knowledge and overview of knowledge squawk material, backtrace visualization helps you snatch an account for of present program tear along with the circulate. And more.

You would no longer possess to be frightened about knowledge overflow either. Jard is orderly adequate to assert handiest relevant crucial knowledge.

Visualize everythingVisualize everything

Navigate with ease

Navigate with pleasure

Thank to backtrace visualization and provide code assert, you can never fetch lost in the dump of backtrace again. By default, these interfaces are always accessible, and compact.

You now can freely tear up, and down of the present stack mark. At each body, you may additionally peer the provision code, enter parameters, relevant variables. This helps you create a minimap of your program execution on your ideas.

Alternatively, you may additionally even continue the execution at a sing upper body, fetch out of unwanted silly gem, or accurate skip a nested loop with ease.

Discontinuance at topic places handiest

How generally construct you form step, and possess idea why the debugger is leading you loyal into a frightening metaprogramming system deep in Rails?

What used to be the final time you would be attempting to debug a straightforward class, but possess to form next, next, next, next to skip the complete silly parts you do no longer care?

Staunch. Ruby Jard comes with a orderly filter to lend a hand you to exhaust the topic places handiest.

  • By default, Ruby Jard ignores the entirety outside of your project folder.
  • You would always trade filter mode to tear into gem, and even standard lib.
  • You would embody/exclude a gem, a faded lib, a file, and even a folder.

Stop at matter places

Powerful REPL

Extremely fantastic REPL console

Ruby Jard’s REPL engine is powered by Pry, a runtime developer console with extremely fantastic introspection capabilities. There are a range of belongings you may additionally construct with the REPL console:

  • Advert-hoc code execution
  • Peep nested variable, give a boost to syntax highlight
  • Source code browsing
  • Doc browsing
  • Whisper shell integration
  • Navigation spherical reveal
  • Interfere and trade present object reveal

Personalize your workflow

Assemble you may possess a immense 4K note? Otherwise you would be a tmux guy, who runs Ruby in minute dwelling windows? Ruby Jard can auto-scale robotically to suit into varied cowl sizes.

You do no longer love the default theme? Certain, Ruby Jard comes with 6 shade schemes, 4 darkish, and 2 gentle ones. Did I mention you may additionally create your have confidence scheme?

Default key bindings don’t click on for you? You would redefine nearly key binding.

You do no longer love the default layout? Too remarkable knowledge for you? You would account to your have confidence layout too!

Ruby Jard comes with versatile configurations in ideas. Check out the doc internet page.

Peronnalize your workflowPeronnalize your workflow

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