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Show HN: VR-style head tracking for PC games with just an app (iOS/Android)


SmoothTrack is maybe the most tremendous enter source for the free OpenTrack utility which enables you to exhaust head monitoring on your PC video games.

SmoothTrack will give you 6 degrees-of-freedom head monitoring for truthful head monitoring on your video games.

No headset or extra gear of any kind is required! Merely living up your tool so that it will reflect about your face. The usage of the on-display cowl controls, you should maybe presumably presumably shift your standpoint in-game.

Or now not it is an tremendous journey to seamlessly transfer your head and have your game standpoint play alongside.

“This labored perfectly and technique greater than expected! Totally enhanced my journey with MFS 2020!” – /u/lexpert1

Any game that helps the FreeTrack or TrackIR protocol will work with this, including Flight Simulator, Elite: Harmful, FSX, IL2: Sturmovik, and a range of, many others!


For your PC:

  • For your computer, install and lag the free program OpenTrack.
  • Press the Windows key -> form “Firewall” -> “Firewall & Community Protection” -> “Developed Settings” -> Inbound Principles -> Sleek Rule… -> Program -> Program Route to opentrack.exe (doubtlessly “c:program recordsdata (x86)opentrackopentrack.exe”)
  • Factual click on your community image on the bottom merely of Windows, clutch “Start Community & Recordsdata superhighway Settings” -> Trade Connection Properties -> Make a selection “Non-public” as an different of “Public” (this can receive your PC discoverable to your mobile tool)
  • Press the Windows key -> “Repeat In truth useful” -> form “ipconfig”. Safe your native IPv4 address (in general starts with 192.168… however presumably 10.0… or theoretically one thing else)
  • Now restart OpenTrack.
  • In Input, clutch UDP and open up the settings and present the port (doubtlessly 4242).
  • As Output, clutch “Freetrack 2.0 Enhanced” and “Every” in its settings.
  • In Choices, bind a hotkey of your possibility to “Heart” (philosophize, F10)
  • Press Start up in OpenTrack.

For your mobile tool:

  • (Should always you have more than one wifi around you to join to, then on your phone, living any assorted wifis “Auto-Be part of” to “off”)
  • Now restart SmoothTrack.
  • As “IP address” in SmoothTrack, enter the native IPv4 address from above.
  • As “Port”, enter the port from above.
  • Press Play.

If the octopus is shifting, you are factual to transfer!! Open your game that helps TrackIR and it will peaceable work.
Email improve is supplied if there are any components.

Right here is an example OpenTrack config that I bag works swish much for me with FS2020: Effect this file into your Paperwork/opentrack-2.3 folder: default.ini

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