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State of AI Report 2020


The Articulate of AI Myth analyses the most attention-grabbing developments in AI. We contrivance to trigger an instantaneous conversation regarding the reveal of AI and its implication for the future. The Myth is produced by AI investors Nathan Benaich and Ian Hogarth.

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    Now in its third three hundred and sixty five days, the Articulate of AI Myth 2020 components invited contributions from a vary of infamous and up-and-coming firms and learn groups. The Myth considers the following key dimensions:

  1. Analysis: Technology breakthroughs and capabilities.
  2. Talent: Provide, query and focus of AI abilities.
  3. Industry: Areas of business utility for AI and its change impact.
  4. Politics: Legislation of AI, its economic implications and the rising geopolitics of AI.
  5. Predictions: What we imagine will happen and a efficiency review to retain us just.

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Co-authored in London (UK) by:

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