TensorFlow is an end-to-end originate source platform for machine finding out. This repository is a fork of tensorflow that leverages DirectML to present unhealthy-vendor hardware acceleration on Windows 10 and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). TensorFlow with DirectML enables coaching and inference of advanced machine finding out items on a huge collection of DirectX 12-neatly matched hardware.

Getting Started

TensorFlow with DirectML is supported on each and each the most up-to-date versions of Windows 10 and the Windows Subsystem for Linux. For detailed instructions on getting started, seek for GPU accelerated ML coaching (medical doctors.microsoft.com). Legit Python applications are on hand on the tensorflow-directml PyPI project.

TensorFlow with DirectML is mute in engaging declare and is in a preview protest. The DirectML repository entails a couple of samples that had been examined to work with the most up-to-date builds on PyPI. These samples consist of each and each inference and training scripts, and likewise you can both put together the items from scratch or employ the equipped pre-skilled weights. Nonetheless, we abet testing on any TensorFlow 1.15-neatly matched items — if you happen to dash into components, please let us know!

The following resources present extra background on DirectML and TensorFlow:


For feedback, questions, feedback, or if you happen to is more likely to be having complications, please file an misfortune or contact us immediately at askdirectml@microsoft.com.


Stare BUILD.md for instructions on the most intelligent formula to manufacture personal builds of tensorflow-directml.


Must it is advisable to to per chance presumably adore to contribute to tensorflow-directml, please seek for our contribution pointers and read the Microsoft Originate Source Code of Behavior. We employ GitHub components for tracking requests and bugs. Please fabricate now now not checklist security vulnerabilities thru public GitHub components. Stare SECURITY.md for extra particulars.


This project is licensed below Apache License 2.0.

The tensorflow-directml Python wheel binary equipment entails a redistributable model of the DirectML library, which is downloaded mechanically as a section of the form. The employ of the redistributable DirectML library is ruled by a separate license that is chanced on as section of the equipment (gift in _solib_directml/LICENSE.txt when extracted).

Data Collection Behold

The system would maybe per chance gain facts about you and your employ of the system and send it to Microsoft. Microsoft would maybe per chance employ this files to present services and red meat up our services and products. You would possibly per chance presumably turn off the telemetry as described in the repository. There are moreover some facets in the system which will enable you and Microsoft to gain files from users of your applications. Must you exercise these facets, or now now not it is a must to be aware appropriate law, at the side of offering acceptable notices to users of your applications on the side of a duplicate of Microsoft’s privacy observation. Our privacy observation is found at https://amble.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=824704. You would possibly per chance presumably learn extra about files collection and employ in the aid documentation and our privacy observation. Your employ of the system operates as your consent to those practices.

Disabling Telemetry

The legit builds of tensorflow-directml (hosted on PyPI) delight in files collection enabled. This telemetry is enabled when constructing with --config=dml_telemetry (i.e. the --telemetry swap in form.py), nevertheless it with out a doubt is disabled by default for native builds.

Emblems Behold

This project would maybe per chance delight in trademarks or logos for projects, products, or services. Licensed employ of Microsoft trademarks or logos is discipline to and must apply Microsoft’s Trademark & Ticket Guidelines. Exercise of Microsoft trademarks or logos in modified versions of this project must now now not cause confusion or point out Microsoft sponsorship. Any employ of third-occasion trademarks or logos are discipline to those third-occasion’s insurance policies.

TensorFlow, the TensorFlow logo and any associated marks are trademarks of Google Inc.

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