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The Arguments Forwarding shorthand in Ruby 2.7


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Be taught the technique to 3-dots operator could well be utilized to mechanically ahead arguments to a different device name

Mehdi Farsi

In Ruby, it occurs that a device directly forwards arguments to a different one

Right here, forwarding *args, kwargs, &blk is redundant and it impacts the readability of the code. To conquer this topic, Ruby 2.7 launched the arguments forwarding shorthand

In the above instance, all the pieces handed to Exporter.speed is forwarded to collected. As collected calls initialize then Exporter#initialize receives your total arguments handed to the resolution of Exporter.speed.


Now, what occurs if Exporter.speed wishes to govern arguments to instantiate the trusty exporter, as an illustration?


syntax error, surprising def self.speed(form, ...)


Indeed, the arguments forwarding shorthand can’t be mixed with diversified arguments and it additionally can’t be destructured.

The above feature enhancement is in dialogue since December 2019. So what whenever you happen to continue to would prefer to govern arguments sooner than forwarding them to a different device name?

In Exporter.speed device, we screech a proc that takes 2 arguments:

  • *_ : frequent arguments (unused within the block)
  • kwarg : keywords arguments

In this block, we test if form handed as key phrase argument is whitelisted by Exporter. If that’s the case, we instantiate the trusty exporter by forwarding your total arguments using the Argument Forwarding shorthand—we instantiate Exporter::CSVExporter in this case. In a roundabout device we name the generate_export device on our freshly instantiated exporter.

The block handed to our proc can manipulate the arguments since the Argument Forwarding shorthand is handed to name. So the arguments handed to name are directly handed as arguments of the block.

Till the Ruby Core Team decides (or no longer) to put into effect frequent arguments mixed with the Arguments Forwarding shorthand, this is one of the appropriate programs to govern the arguments list.


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