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The LF Is Not Even Using Linux to Prepare the Linux Kernel History Report


Posted in Kernel at 5: 32 pm by Guest Editorial Group

Most up-to-date: Linux Foundation E-newsletter is Microsoft Dwelling windows and Proprietary IIS

Linux Foundation report

A in reality unneeded scandal (headsup from Twitter)

Linux Foundation report meta

A more in-depth glance

Abstract: The “one thing” Foundation (one thing they fabricate cash from, without even the utilization of it, supporting it, let alone working out it) is outsourcing nearly the full lot to Microsoft (GitHub, proprietary utility). It’s simply repeatedly milking the trademark of Linus Torvalds to fabricate plenty of cash and now it makes exercise of Apple and proprietary utility to put collectively a whine about Linux (perchance Linux Foundation is the contaminated name for it).

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