The Librem 5 phone can now run Android apps


Anbox now runs on the Librem 5, getting you rating entry to to many additional free blueprint apps which will be packaged upright for Android. We are also engaged on streamlining the set up task. Quickly you’ll upright deserve to:

  • Install Anbox
  • Set up android.img into /var/lib/anbox/
  • Reboot

To boot to simplifying the set up task, whereas testing Anbox we also identified and mounted just a few bugs such as how maximized X11 functions (such as Anbox) displayed on the Librem 5.

xwayland auto-maximization test.

With Android emulation unlocked on the Librem 5, the preference of usable cellular apps has yet all once more jumped. It’s time to birth severe about which apps it is some distance considerable to withhold for now, and which apps would possibly presumably presumably per chance also utilize the ad-free respectful PureOS contact.

Seek for the Librem 5

Purism believes building the Librem 5 is upright one step on the road to launching a digital rights motion, the assign we—the-of us stand up for our digital rights, the assign we space the regulate of your recordsdata and your loved ones’s recordsdata succor the assign it belongs: in your occupy palms.

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