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The new BBC micro:bit


The fresh BBC micro:bit

We’re actually infected to mutter the originate of basically the latest BBC micro:bit.

That it’s doubtless you’ll even beget all clearly been taking designate of the crew… the addition of the speaker and mic is a gamechanger!

Joachim Choen, Contemporary South Wales, Australia

On hand from November 2020

With 5 million micro:bits already used for educating digital abilities and computational pondering, the updated micro:bit – in the market from November 2020 on the same label point – is decided to be capable to add even extra alternatives for discovering out, exploration and creativity in faculty rooms. 

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a young girl holding a new micro:bit

That it’s doubtless you’ll turn the originate air into your lecture room with the micro:bit

What it’s doubtless you’ll possibly well also attain with it

That is amazingly consuming news, I cannot wait to bag this into our faculty rooms!

Shaina Glass, Aldine Self ample School District, Texas, USA

With the constructed-in speaker, microphone and make contact with sensor on the fresh micro:bit, there are even extra consuming issues it’s doubtless you’ll possibly well also add to your projects.

Contemporary! Sense and play with sound

My pupils and I were exploring sound with micro:bit in projects for several years. Now these investigations can even simply be taken to a complete fresh stage.

Justin Bioletti, Torriano Junior School, London

two young girls surprised by micro:bit

The fresh BBC micro:bit has a constructed-in microphone and speaker to allow sound-sensing and sound-making with out the must build one other tool.

Huge to gape the fresh micro:bit with extra relaxing with sound. That is an genuine trigger for kids for definite! This appears to be like actually promising and it keeps the simplicity and is loyal to the distinctive belief. I savor that!

Jon Haavie, Teknisk Museum, Norway

Application enhance and compatibility

Our on-line editors are designed to be very easy to make use of to program the micro:bit and this would possibly well proceed for the fresh aspects of sound sensing, sound-making and make contact with.

the latest BBC micro:bit up close front and back

The latest micro:bit will fit handsome in to your current lessons and supplies; the total current MakeCode blocks and MicroPython code will work in the same arrangement as they attain on the distinctive micro:bit. The old micro:bit can even proceed to work loyal as it did sooner than. Extra aspects, including easy methods to ranking AI and ML into the study room, will be released in the future of 2021. See this establish.

Technical specs

Now we beget summarised the element on the hardware and strength on our tech internet online page online.

Look the tech internet online page online

Getting hands-on and experimenting with the micro:bit is serious to helping kids better understand well-known technologies early of their enhance.

Gareth Stockdale, CEO Micro:bit Tutorial Foundation

a young boy working with the micro:bit

Deepen figuring out and bag digital abilities with the micro:bit

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