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sCrypt (pronounced “ess crypt”) is a excessive-stage wonderful contract language for Bitcoin SV.
Bitcoin helps wonderful contract with its Forth-admire stack basically based Script language.
Nonetheless writing wonderful contract in native Script is cumbersome and error-inclined.
It swiftly becomes intractable when the contract dimension and complexity develop.

sCrypt is designed to facilitate writing wonderful contract operating on chain.

  • It is straightforward to learn. Syntactically, sCrypt is just like Solidity, making it more uncomplicated to be adopted by present wonderful contract developers. Nonetheless, the resemblance is good superficial, since sCrypt is compiled into Bitcoin Script by the underlying compiler, as a change of EVM bytecode.
  • It is statically typed. Kind checking can reduction detect many errors at bring together time.


sCrypt continues to be in experimental allotment and is for the time being ideal intended for exiguous quantity utilization.


Look at our GitHub for extra data on what we’re shopping for and win started.