The Stages of a Side Project


One ride of mine, though it has roughly mapped to old facet initiatives:

  • Wow this thing that has no enterprise mannequin is a fab belief, I ponder if somebody has performed it earlier than?
  • This is stress-free, let’s spend an evening hacking on it
  • Wow that is taking some distance more time than I believed it could possibly perchance perchance …
  • Can I carry out this without spending any money? Let’s spend AWS free tier to bag this going
  • OK let’s ship this thing, wow it’s getting a few attention! Front-page on hackernews, subreddit, and so forth.
  • I’m entirely ready for this, I be pleased a scaling thought
  • Oops my scaling thought is entirely useless for the reason that bottlnecks are no longer where I expected they would be
  • Wow traffic indubitably drops off when it isn’t on hackernews 🤔
  • Oh wait any individual tweeted it, there goes traffic again..
  • I be pleased to potentially add CI to be pleased this relatively more straightforward to reduction
  • OK issues are steady again
  • Wait my free tier is set to crawl out, let’s make a selection out host this without cost by the utilization of multi-cloud
  • Whoa that is taking longer than I believed
  • .. years cross
  • OK one thing is broken and getting some email complaints, I indubitably be pleased lost hobby on this thing
  • Fetch a free weekend, let’s investigate cross-check at the code from years previously
  • Correct god, it’s frightful
  • Neatly, a bunch of issues for the time being are deprecated, let’s at least repair that
  • OK so if I’m going through this danger I be pleased to potentially re-write just a few of it, especially the closing parts that were apt thrown together…
  • Whoa that is taking longer than I believed…

Introducing a more recent model of cmdchallenge .. A lone survivor in a sea of broken issues I be pleased had an itch to form.

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