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The Underdog Effect: When Low Expectations Increase Performance


Even supposing I heed underdogs, I am grateful for the credible high expectations and encouragement of David Mayer, Adam Grant, Andrew Carton, Scott DeRue, Jane Dutton, Brent McFerran, Craig Crossley, Karl Aquino, Sigal Barsade, Nancy Rothbard, Timothy Kundro, Martine Haas, Salimah and the Nurmohamed Household, and diverse supporters at Michigan and Wharton, apart from colleagues at INSEAD, Drexel, UCLA and WUSTL where I introduced this work. I am additionally grateful to Editor Lisa Leslie and three nameless reviewers for his or her insightful comments. For lend a hand with knowledge series and coding, I thank Lillian Chen, Michael Payne, Jayveer Jadeja, Nicholas Lumsden, and participants of the Flipside Collective. Lastly, thanks to the Wharton Management Heart, Wharton Behavioral Lab, and Wharton Dean’s Review Fund for his or her funding.

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