The Value of TikTok


As if 2020 wasn’t uncommon satisfactory, Oracle sold the US operations of TikTok,
which is not practical.

Rather than when it does.

Background 1

For some goal, the United States president thought a most favorite Chinese application
would possibly possibly possibly possibly furthermore merely soundless not feature on USA soil. So TikTok would possibly possibly possibly well be banned from USA cyber net.

Why? Dunno why, but doubtlessly for a alternate battle.

There change into once one chance for TikTok to proceed engaged on USA: if it change into once operated
by an American company.

Background 2

Oracle is infamous for its databases. When somebody says “Oracle”, the tips of
most developers jump to databases, either by its namesake or MySQL or

So, when the news of Oracle shopping for the TikTok operations in USA, that pressured
a host of oldsters, to the level of claiming that it can possibly possibly well manufacture

Nonetheless it does. Loads. That’s the reason we need more background.

Background 3

Oracle is furthermore a participant in a bigger market known as “Cloud Suppliers”. This
market is lead by Amazon with AWS, followed by Microsoft with Azure, then
Google with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and a mishmash of Huawei with Huawai
Cloud and Oracle with Oracle Cloud.

One in all the crucial things, marketing-luminous, is who’s utilizing your product. You
acquire a tall participant and also it is most likely you’ll possibly possibly well furthermore use them as vogue of endorsement.

AWS captures a host of these, but most infamous are the Amazon Store itself
and Netflix; Microsoft grasp your whole Articulate of job365; Google grasp Spotify. And, up
to some months, Oracle had nothing (Huawei grasp your whole Chinese market, so
it is, in most cases, a participant by itself).

Background 4

About a months ago, Zoom made a stunning announcement of taking Oracle Cloud
as its provider
Folks were watching for this announcement saying one thing like Microsoft or
even Google, but… Oracle? That change into once a mountainous surprise but, on the identical time, it
gave Oracle the leverage to claim “basically the most frail video conferencing instrument now
runs on Oracle Cloud”.

So, does it manufacture sense?

Particular it does. No longer within the technological level, even supposing Oracle would possibly possibly possibly well income
with the information of serving a full bunch videos over the acquire for its earn
cloud operations, but it affords them one other tall name as vogue of endorsement of
its cloud carrier. “TikTok, powered by Oracle Cloud” is one hell of an

And I mediate that‘s why it does manufacture loads.

The finest loser

When TikTok operations where on the desk, Oracle wasn’t the finest one to acquire
it: Microsoft change into once a long way away in talks with TikTok to be the United States operator of the

Nonetheless moreover that, Microsoft is never the finest loser in this sale of
operations. Google is.

Be aware when I talked about that Google is thought of as to be within the third dilemma
within the cloud market? Now Oracle grasp Zoom and TikTok as endorsers and customers of
their companies. And that will give a mountainous enhance for Oracle Cloud, even if not
by getting more potentialities or more income, however the numbers from cyber net cyber net hosting these
two companies would possibly possibly possibly possibly furthermore merely give the impact they surpassed GCP.

Or not it is all a marketing pass. And a fairly suave one.

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