The World’s Population in 1900 Looked Different Than Today


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World Population 1900

Design created by reddit person Teadranks

Reddit person Teadranks is aid with one more unparalleled cartogram, a form of distorted map round one variable, in this case world population in 1900. To witness how unparalleled it’s modified you may perchance perhaps perhaps well jump to the 2015 cartogram put up, or scroll beneath.

The scale is the an identical as the remaining one, with every sq. representing 500,000 of us. Information comes from Wikipedia and Populstat.

Here are moral a couple of of the classy adjustments observed by Teadranks:

  • As you may perchance perhaps perhaps well survey the total 1900 world nearly fits into in vogue China.
  • 1900 Africa fits into in vogue Germany.
  • 1900 South The US fits into in vogue Spain.

And listed below are moral a couple of extra issues we seen:

  • The USA supreme had 76 million of us in contrast to 320 million on the present time.
  • Canada’s population has grown from a little 5.5 million to 35.6 million, a proportionally elevated develop bigger than the United States.
  • Australia grew from 4 million to 23.7 million on the present time.
  • Ireland’s population in 1900 turned into near its low point. Sooner than the potato famine in the 1840s, your total island had a population of over 8 million. As you may perchance perhaps perhaps well survey, Ireland’s population dropped to 3.2 million by 1900. It has since recovered considerably over the remaining 115 years to reach a population of 6.4 million on the present time (Republic – 4.6 million, NI – 1.8 million)
  • The population of the United Kingdom hasn’t even doubled all over this period rising from 38 million (which entails Ireland) to 64 million on the present time. On the opposite hand, the successor countries of the British Empire have grown by leaps and bounds. Whereas the Empire had a total population of 384 million in 1900, India on my own has a population of 1.3 billion on the present time.
  • Belgium in 1900 had extra of us than the Netherlands.
  • China’s population in 1900, all over the Qing Empire, turned into supreme about a third of the Folks’s Republic of China’s population of 1.4 billion on the present time.
  • Ethiopia (Abyssinia in 1900) grew from an estimated 4 million of us in 1900 to 90 million on the present time, a growth of 22.5 times and the supreme one we may perchance perhaps perhaps salvage.

There are additionally loads of countries incorporated on the map in 1900 that no longer exist or not longer exist in the make that they did in 1900:

  • Austria-Hungary had 51 million of us in 1900, while on the present time Austria supreme has a population of 8.5 million and Hungary supreme has 9.8 million of us.
  • The Russian Empire had a population of 136 million in 1900, however on the present time Russia is barely any elevated, at 146 million and it’s depopulating.
  • The Ottoman Empire had a population of 31 million in 1900 in contrast to Turkey’s population of 82 million on the present time.
  • The German Empire had 56 million of us in 1900, on the present time the Federal Republic of Germany has 80.7 million of us, however additionally faces the risk of a worried population.

Not at as soon as, and perhaps most importantly, the map after all highlights how unparalleled of the realm turned into destroy up between the European powers in 1900. At reddit person klug3 point’s out: “Europe’s population venerable to 1.5x that of India, now its not even 0.6x, reasonably a special world.”

Compare the map above with the one from 2015 version (beneath) and the one ingredient that stands out, besides develop bigger in population, is the sheer growth in the synthetic of countries:

2015 World Population Cartogram

To be taught extra be taught:

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