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Tiny Tiny RSS vs. Miniflux


I am an heavy particular person of RSS feeds, having over 1500 feeds I notice. And not utilizing a
first payment feed reader that setup would now not work. For over eight years now I’ve
been an chuffed particular person of Diminutive Diminutive RSS, a net primarily based fully fully feed reader. But, now not too long within the past I
came true by out about miniflux, also a net primarily based fully fully RSS reader. On this article I’ll
evaluation the two for my consume cases, largely cell utilization.

TD;DR, I’ve switched to Miniflux, resulting from it being more fitted to my usecase
(cell utilization), much less ajax heavy, better readability integration, more uncomplicated to
subscribe to feeds and a more fulfilling finding out layout.

On this put up I’ll crawl over my utilization of a feed reader, the diversities between
miniflux and diminutive diminutive rss and the diversities in server webhosting, miniflux has
diversified server requirements which most shared hosts don’t offer.

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All of it started on

Serial poster Calvin posted a link to a security researchers weblog on exploits
in diminutive diminutive rss. In the feedback particular person rumpelsepp mentioned miniflux
as one more, I made up my thoughts to envision it out. The screenshots appears to be like to be effective, the
documentation is straight forward to notice and comprehensive, so I gave it a tear on one among
my VPSes.

My RSS utilization

It is possible you’ll maybe place a query to yourself, why does anyone need over 1500 feeds to notice. For me,
many of the feeds are of microscopic sites, factual esteem this one, which don’t update fundamentally
however after they uncover, they’ve attention-grabbing state. Subsequent to a pair bigger tech sites
90% of the feeds I subscribe to largely update a pair of times a month. With the exception of for
the mountainous tech sites, I indubitably bask in about 40 to 60 modern articles a day. The total finding out
is completed on a cell cell phone, each and every Android and iOS.

My feed reader saves the total text of an editorial, so I put now not want to
leave the comfort of my reader. The advanage to that is that I will leave an
article unread for months, and or now not it’s gentle anticipating me there after I want to
read it. For long uncover state, which will possible be a very effective characteristic of a feed reader.
Some articles I waft over mercurial, some I factual skip and trace as read, some I
read, order I want to read them later, trace as unread and proceed on. No need
for an external provider esteem Pocket or Wallabag.

Feature clever my should always-bask in checklist is terribly microscopic:

  • Straightforward (mercurial) subscribe to modern sites (now not finding a feed link, factual paste the
    URL and resolve it out, a feed reader can CTRL+F for xml within the sourcecode
    faster than I will)
  • Cell first, I read and subscribe entirely in “spare” moments, by strategy of my cell phone. My
    desktop is for fundamental trade
  • Readability integration, save the fat easy text state of an editorial, for all
    feeds. I hate cookiewalls and “originate” factual as worthy as the subsequent man.

Now that we now bask in established my workflow and requirements, lets uncover why Diminutive
Diminutive RSS fails to fulfill these.

Considerations with Diminutive Diminutive RSS

Initially, I put now not contemplate Diminutive Diminutive RSS is a noxious share of system. I
bask in aged it for nearly a decade and it has served me smartly. My utilization patterns
swap, and it would now not cope smartly with that, however that would now not originate it noxious system.
I’ve donated more than one cases and acquired the cell apps to crimson meat up Andrew, so I
bask in in thoughts myself a primary particular person.

The most attention-grabbing facets on Diminutive Diminutive RSS that annoy me are that it’s laborious to subscribe
to modern feeds on iOS and that the readability integration is a plugin that would per chance maybe
entirely be enabled on a per feed foundation, now not for all feeds straight away.

Diminutive Diminutive RSS makes consume of loads of AJAX, overlay windows and such. On the desktop that
is now not an field, however on cell it makes the net version unusable, requiring an app.

Right here’s a image of the cell net website online:

ttrss mobile site

Scrolling is ‘wonky’, no diversified skill to characterize it. Correct esteem in Microsoft Phrase
do you’ll want to want to insert a image, all diversified parts transfer in unpredictable programs,
that is what occurs with scrolling here as smartly. Most continuously a modern tab opens, each and every every so often
an editorial disappears, each and every every so often the sidebar opens.

To subscribe to a feed I indubitably want to fiddle with the topmost bar, scroll to the left,
initiate the menu, click on subscribe after which a dialog opens, which I indubitably want to faucet
very precisely, otherwise it closes. Right here are two photography to characterize the float:

ttrss mobile site menu and subscribe

Feed management on cell is a wretchedness as smartly. Feeds with errors is again a
microscopic dialog, its long previous even as you happen to faucet depraved. Feed management, bettering or checking
some data is again a smaller dialog:

ttrss mobile feed error edit

I want to edit each and every and each and every feed I add to enable the readability plugin, so
potentialities are you’ll well also factor in my annoyance at any time when. The cell app on iOS does now not allow you
to subscribe to a feed and on Android it does, however it took on the very least 30 seconds of
waiting and loading. For finding out, the cell apps are rather ok. I uncover disfavor
some button placements on iOS and the floating action button on Android, however
thats about all. Barely ok they are.

One mountainous wait on of Diminutive Diminutive RSS is that it runs on PHP/MySQL, so each and every shared
host can slump Diminutive Diminutive RSS. As soon as a month update it to basically the latest git grasp, that
is your entire setup and maintenance you’ll ever bask in. On the entire, shared hosts bask in it
of their withhold a watch on panel available (Installatron/Softalicious), so inserting in it
is factual one click on, with auto updates.

One other advantage is that it’s terribly straightforward to fragment or re-publish articles. You
can bask in a public RSS feed of all your feeds, or particular classes, or reshare
one article. I put now not consume that very fundamentally, or factual fragment a link to the article.

Categories, I first neatly sorted all my feeds, however that became as soon as too worthy of a wretchedness
and now all the pieces is in “uncategorized”. The Android app, when subscribing to a
feed, at all times took very long to uncover the classes. No longer certain why it didn’t cache that.

Concluding, Diminutive Diminutive RSS is a gargantuan share of system, it factual has elements on
cell. Setup and maintenance is low, it runs in each place and it works gargantuan on
desktops or medicines. For my consume case, cell entirely, it feels a runt bit out of date.

How does miniflux evaluation to all of the above?

Miniflux fits better on cell

Miniflux is “factual a net page”, in fashion, self hosted and equally usable on cell
as on the desktop. No longer that many alternatives as Diminutive Diminutive RSS, however for me bigger than
ample. Kind feeds by modern? Check. Readability integration without a fiddly dialog?
Check. Subscribing to modern feeds straightforward on cell? Check. As a bonus it even has a
darkish theme.

The finding out leer has a checklist of titles, which potentialities are you’ll well also click on initiate to leer the
fat state. Compare it with Diminutive Diminutive RSS above, listed below are two photography:

miniflux article list

Right here is a image of the subscribe net page:

miniflux subscribe

Miniflux does now not seem like that ajax heavy, the layout fits better on cell,
with easy hyperlinks as one more of floating menu’s and dialogs, all the pieces scales to compare
and overall the layout is terribly fulfilling. At the side of a feed is a conventional menu option,
skill more uncomplicated and skill much less fiddly, no worries on dialogs closing,

Feed errors are also a easy net page, as is the feed edit net page:

miniflux feed errors

Migrating to Miniflux became as soon as straightforward, bask in Diminutive Diminutive RSS export an OPML file and import
that in Miniflux.

On the desktop, the webpages work precisely the identical however are factual rather wider:

miniflux in firefox

There are keyboard shortcuts available, however I put now not consume them since I am on
cell. There shall be integration with external providers and products esteem Pocket or Wallabag,
which I also uncover now not consume.

Resource utilization clever it is now not noticable on the server at all. I consume Munin to generate
effective utilization graphs, cpu time per assignment, overall CPU utilization,
memory utilization and disk IO all bask in now not indubitably increased with miniflux
on the server.


The webhosting part is on the opposite hand, now not as straightforward as Diminutive Diminutive RSS, primarily resulting from it being
written in Slip, thus requiring an actual VPS and some server data.

The documentation on the opposite hand is lovely, they originate debian programs and a repo available and
encompass a manual for nginx (webserver) and postgresql (database) with Lets
Encrypt SSL certificates.

Compared to Diminutive Diminutive RSS (PHP/MySQL), potentialities are you’ll maybe maybe now not host Miniflux on each and every shared host
available within the market. But, a VPS this existing day is within the 5 greenback/euro a month notice fluctuate,
it would possibly per chance slump more even as you happen to esteem (an IRC bouncer as an instance), now not that mountainous of a wretchedness.

Should you click on any of the hyperlinks on this net page, you shall be redirected to Digital Ocean,
they are affiliate hyperlinks. You uncover $100 credit rating for 60 days, two months of a corpulent
server to are attempting miniflux on. Digital Ocean has excllent guides.

For me, webhosting on a VPS is now not an field, since I am an experienced sysadmin.
I uncover esteem quality documentation and debian programs, a mountainous plus there.

Miniflux also makes ARM binaries available which potentialities are you’ll well also consume to self-host
on a Raspberry Pi or, in my case, a Freedombox.

The SQL demand to residing all feeds to save the usual state:

UPDATE feeds SET crawler = 't' WHERE user_id = 1;

I came true by this on their github field tracker, after importing 1500 feeds from an
OPML file, this became as soon as beautiful. By no design came true by out straightforward guidelines on how to uncover this in Diminutive Diminutive RSS.


For my consume case, cell finding out and management, Diminutive Diminutive RSS didn’t match the bill
anymore. I indubitably bask in aged it with pleasure for over 8 years and would gentle bask in aged
if it became as soon as more cell correct.

Thanks to Lobsters and RumpelSepp I came true by out about Miniflux, a more in fashion
and more cell correct feed reader. Installation is straight forward, documentation is
beautiful and all of my annoyances with Diminutive Diminutive RSS are now not in Miniflux.

Efficiency is gargantuan, handy resource utilization is low and it has your entire facets I desire.

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