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Todoist, Notion, Productivity and Happiness


We, folks, are within the never-ending crawl for happiness. On this quest, We ceaselessly mistake pleasure for happiness.

Pleasure is brief-lived. Happiness is a stable divulge of successfully being.

All by strategy of the last couple of years, I’ve tried to replicate on my life to title what makes me overjoyed.

I in fact had been lucky sufficient to title the things that makes me overjoyed. About a are battle tested, a number of I’m gathered exploring. A non exhaustive checklist involves

  • Folks in my life
  • Being productive
  • Serving to others
  • Residing minimal
  • Traveling
  • Getting stronger, staying fit
  • Constructing thrilling things(principally softwares)

Over time I’ve optimised my life to be productive, to exhaust time with the these that matter, streak and place fit.

On this publish, I’m writing down how I organise my routine to be productive.


Productivity is an summary length of time. For me, it manner being within the divulge of waft, Getting things executed that align with my non-public targets.

Even as you hit waft, work appears like meditation.

The first step to being productive is atmosphere non-public targets. I take advantage of assorted tools to try this. Two software I take advantage of everyday is Realizing and Todoist.

Tools I take advantage of

Realizing: For display cloak-taking, organising my life, and writing down my tips. I’m a succesful proponent of writing down for readability of thought. I try to jot down my tips everyday on Realizing.

Todoist: For added actionable projects. Nearly all the things in life turns into a venture in Todoist. A venture is broken up into projects.

One among the massive benefits of these two apps is collaboration. My life is strongly coupled with my accomplice’s life. We thought all the things together. Both Todoist and Realizing lets us collaborate. This helps us organise things together and prefer ownership of certain projects.

A staunch-life example is animated homes. We’re almost at present animated to a brand contemporary dwelling. For this, we created a venture in Todoist. We additional damage up the projects like below

Here are some pattern projects

We prefer ownership of each job, according to what we’re factual at.

We take care of in tips many of the things in life as a venture and repeatedly try to damage it the entire model down to smaller, actionable projects.

Other staunch-life examples encompass planning journeys, developing a house workplace, and even purchasing.

Realizing is our life’s wiki. Shared projects encompass our funds as an illustration.

Most assorted Realizing projects are a mind dump.

Here is a sneak gape to a small allotment of my Realizing mumble.

Tip: The subject cloud here is dynamic, it grows day to day according to the notes I prefer. Mind incorrect is static. It is no longer speculated to interchange worthy and accommodates the core values of my life.

I will traipse on and talk about how I take advantage of Realizing. However I’ll take care of that for a future blog publish.

About a issues might perhaps in fact feel silly. However writing about it and studying how all this connected helps me thought things.

I have faith non-public OKRs (Targets and Key Results) for every quarter according to the things I’ve written down within the most in model previous.

These non-public OKRs are supposed to prefer me nearer to my succesful non-public vision.

Many of the things I scheme everyday contribute to the OKRs for that quarter. Be it reading, searching at youtube videos, deciding on areas to streak, and a number of others.

Which brings me to my subsequent level.

Spend mumble mindfully

Convey is exploding.

In a world of limitless mumble, model for factual mumble is a competitive aid.

Reading five books every week won’t have faith me in fact feel productive. I wish to eat mumble that helps me transfer in direction of my purpose. And this reiterates the importance of atmosphere a purpose first.

The books you be taught, the youtube videos you mediate, all the things is aligned with these targets. Needless to yell, there is time scheme aside for entertainment. However consider, it’s about what makes YOU overjoyed.

Lawful because Netflix makes someone else overjoyed, it might perhaps well perhaps perchance no longer be for you. I’ve learned long hours of binge-searching at is just not any longer for me.

Closing tips

There are certain assorted things that I’ve chanced on out contribute to the constant divulge of successfully being.

These are the social aspects of life. This involves being overjoyed for others, congratulating, and appreciating folks for his or her achievements.

I former to envision myself with folks and repeatedly felt uncomfortable. For an awfully very long time, I in fact contain stopped doing that, and I in fact feel free. Now, my most efficient competitors is myself. And there are folks I mediate up to for inspiration.

About a an extended time within the past, your competitors used to be a bunch of these that you just knew. Folks on your college, on your locality.

You when put next your self with them. With the arrival of social media, you are comparing your self with millions of these that can perchance contain had a extra privileged life than you.

Be kind to your self, and realise that you just contain your timeline. Disturbed the outside dwelling of my world has additionally been very generous in sustained happiness. This kind fewer folks. Lesser in numbers, better in quality.

I in fact contain very few pals, and try to contain a stable and meaningful relationship with them. I clutch this to a shallow relationship with a big sequence of folks.

One other direct that makes me overjoyed helps folks. One among the examples involves giving occupation guidance to these that plot me. Not lower than a number of of these relationships contain modified into a mentor-mentee relationship.

Retract time to mediate your self. Effect your self first, web the things that have faith you overjoyed. Private extra of that. That’s how I live my life.

This can all be the ramblings of a 28-year-ragged immature man. That is how I mediate as of late. That is how I live as of late. All this is able to perchance appear to be nonsense in five years.

However that is additionally a purpose of my life, every few years, you will need in philosophize to mediate aid at your self and sigh – “Rattling. I used to be dull aid then”.

Be kind. Quit fit. Shuttle. Learn, adapt, and evolve. And place overjoyed 🙂

Within the waste posts I’ll talk extra about my streak to lead a minimal life.

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