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Top Classic Internet Jokes of all times


Simplest fabric believed to be non-copyrighted is integrated.

Comic English Signs from in some unspecified time in the future of the World

Science Phrases Translated

Automobile Insurance protection Statements

Administratium, the heaviest identified component

Comic Church Bulletins

Comic Signs from USA

Horrifying Deaths in Heaven

Humor within the Court docket

The Cleaning soap Saga

What youngsters take into memoir love

Runners-up (in reverse chronological define)

More Court docket Humor

One more Frog Shaggy dog memoir

What Precisely Is Marriage?

Invoice Gates quotes

GirlFriend 1.0

Husband 1.0

If restaurants functioned love Microsoft

English is subtle stuff

Why Mountain Bikes are better than Males

Jokes about Mathematicians

The Programmer and the Engineer on an Airplane

The Parot and the Sailor

The Parot and the Burglar

Stranded on an Iland

Resume Bloopers

Computer Dictionary

Halloween Birthday party

If architects had to work love tool engineers

DOS Beer

DOS Airways

400 trillion trillion pints of beer misplaced in situation

Quotes about Computer programs and Instrument

Chain Letter to Jacques Chirac


Dull Questions to Park Rangers

What I Learned in Corporate The United States

Penguin News

Dear Affluent Bastard

Labeled Adds

Simplifying the English Language

One-line Signatures Found on the Bag

C+-, a recent Topic Oriented Programming Language

Pentium Humor

Celebrity Glide Misplaced Episodes

Is there a Santa Claus?

The MicroSoft Wife

Lightbulb jokes

Three Generations When put next

The Pope Drives a Limousine

How God Created the Computer

A Brief Manual to Comparative Religions

The Object Oriented Toaster

The Outdated faculty Man and the Parot

The Programmer and the Frog

American Advertising and marketing Disasters

What the 95 in Windows 95 if fact be told stands for

In fashion Motors HelpLine

In fashion Motors HelpLine, 2nd model

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