Type Gymnastics: Collection of wonderful TypeScript type code snippets


Assortment of very fair correct TypeScript sort gymnastics code snippets.

📚 Overview Checklist

🔍 Look Offer Code

All the provision code are below src directory.

It’s urged to behold them at native with these steps:

  1. Create particular you have gotten got installed Git, Node.js and Visual Studio Code.
  2. Clone this repository with Git.
  3. Drag npm i or story to install TypeScript.
  4. Commence this repository in Visual Studio Code.
  5. Trip it!

📝 Contributing

Create a original empty directory below src directory
and offers it a descriptive and short name,
then establish your supply code in it.
Additionally, please settle into yarn adding some assessments.

Optionally, you’re going to be ready to set a readme in that directory to introduce
your code intimately.

Remaining, please update the “Overview Checklist” half of this readme
to add a original item to your code with transient.

We take hang of your code revealed below MIT License.

🍻 Connected

📜 License

MIT License

Logo is modified from Image Day 5 Gymnastics (19 Aug 2010). “Day 5 Gymnastics (19 Aug 2010)” by Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Video games is licensed with CC BY-NC 2.0.

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