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Use Hacktoberfest to Learn Haskell



It is a long way that this time of the year when thousand pull requests are starting up to drift in
the air love a leaf on the wind 🍃

It is a long way Hacktoberfest! And we are totally contented to be part of this extraordinary tournament.

In most cases, other folks are contributing to the projects at some stage within the communities they’re
boiling in.
Nonetheless why now now not to exercise this time studying something tough, something fresh,
something that you just in no map had time for?

You doubtlessly can in finding the advantages of the Hacktoberfest itself and be taught wholly new nonetheless
charming concepts – Purposeful Programming with Haskell.

And we are right here to serve!

  • 4 Pull Place apart a query to to in finding the T-Shirt or plant a tree as stands within the Hacktoberfest suggestions.
  • 4 Pull Place apart a query to to be taught to program in Haskell.
  • 4 Pull Place apart a query to to blow your mind.

Desk of Contents

What’s Learn4Haskell

Learn4Haskell is a GitHub-positioned course that might maybe in finding you into the Haskell
Purposeful Programming world in only 4 Pull Requests.

The course is organised as a coding challenge. So which you can be in a function to total
the course with out exiting your editor.

This works within the following manner. Need to you to advise to starting up the challenge, all you
have to manufacture is to fork the challenge. We ready 4 separate modules — chapters.
All the issues incorporates educational field matter and a total bunch examples that we present in
the easy in finding that does now now not require you to know anything about FP beforehand.
Additionally, every chapter incorporates a decision of exercises on the whole thing that is
explained by us. That you simply would be able to solve the projects for your manner and on the discontinuance open a PR to
your fork with this chapter’s resolution and summon us (by shouting out our
nicknames there). We might maybe be totally contented to provide you suggestions for your progress,
gift problematic concepts or aesthetic fortify you mentally!

Every chapter incorporates irregular recordsdata and covers diversified matters. We counsel
you buckle down and do them in teach. Nonetheless, whenever you advise that one of the main chapters
are already familiar to you, be at liberty to skip to the subsequent one. There might be
fully no difficulty, whenever you are looking to examine with us simplest on some PRs and

Chapters are very full of recordsdata, nonetheless but are aimed to be doable
with out additional sources. You doubtlessly can exercise an evening per chapter, nonetheless we verbalize
or now now not it is fee it!

On the discontinuance of the course you wish in exclaim to independently make and read
frequent Haskell code and understand Monads and other successfully-known concepts of Purposeful

Route Draw

Right here is a more concrete thought of all these mystical 4 Chapters we prepare for
you. These are the highlights of every part.

  • Chapter One – What’s Haskell, what are its particularities, frequent Haskell
    syntax, functions, forms, expressions.
  • Chapter Two – FP concepts within the language, immutability, sample matching,
    recursion, polymorphism, laziness, Elevated-ordered functions, partial
    purposes, eta-reduction.
  • Chapter Three – Center of attention on Forms. Form aliases, ADTs, Product forms and
    Records, Sum forms and Enumerations, Newtypes, Typeclasses.
  • Chapter Four – Kinds. Additionally three monsters of the FP: Functor, Applicative,


We created the Learn4Haskell challenge to pursue the following dreams:

  • Attend others to be taught Haskell
  • Give a beginner-suited and self-fixed course with principle and recount
    within the identical build
  • Issue Haskell matters forward of every activity, nonetheless strive to be concise and important
    on the identical time. It is a long way a tough balance!
  • Attend these who’re looking to buy part in Hacktoberfest and Originate-Offer, nonetheless moreover
    are looking to be taught new issues all via this activity
  • Present overview and suggestions on solutions, so other folks are in no map alone on this
    tough hasten.
  • Give these who performed this course with the total needed figuring out to
    be in a function to work with the basic challenge that makes exercise of standard aspects. Additionally,
    present a grand basis on which they ought in exclaim to proceed their FP

Who can buy part

All people!

We welcome all people and might maybe be totally contented to gift you the technique to on this hasten!

The course is intended whenever you manufacture now now not know Haskell or know simplest language
fundamentals, despite the proven truth that.

Once you occur to are already an skilled Haskell developer and came right here for studying
developed matters, this course might maybe maybe now now not be that for you. Nonetheless you proceed to can serve!
Your suggestions and suggestions might maybe be purposeful for us as successfully as for the
language inexperienced persons who advise to hump alongside with this course.

What you can see from this course

This course is coming with many advantages. Test them out to verify that it suits

So, the participation on this course would provide you:

  • 4 Pull Requests required for Hacktoberfest completion
  • Frequent recordsdata of the most purposeful programming language
  • Notion of the FP concepts that which you can be in a function to exercise for your
    day-to-day life afterwards
  • On-the-cruise suggestions and serve from skilled Haskell developers and educators
  • Moving challenges
  • Fun!

This looks love a neat deal!

How to starting up

Beginning to be taught Haskell with Learn4Haskell is terribly easy!

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Enable GitHub Actions for your fork repository.
  3. Set up the Haskell compiler.
  4. Originate the src/Chapter1.hs file, and starting up studying and solving projects!
  5. After you originate the dear chapter (or any other chapter, and even whenever you are
    stuck within the center), open
    Pull Place apart a query to
    to your fork with the resolution and point out @vrom911 and @chshersh and we
    might maybe be on our manner for the overview.

Issue, that which you’ll possibly collected open PR for your fork of this repo, now now not this repo.
All people has their possess solutions to our projects, and so that they manufacture now now not mix together
successfully in a single repo 🙂

Nonetheless, whenever you glimpse some bugs or complications on this repo, which you’ll possibly, of course,
open PR to Learn4Haskell correct away. We deal with any serve and suggestions!

Learn4Haskell has 4 chapters which you’ll possibly stroll via and post 4 pull requests to
total the Hacktoberfest (or aesthetic for recordsdata and relaxing sake).

So, which you’ll possibly starting up correct now with forking. And we are able to describe
install all needed in exclaim to traipse this course domestically within the following

Putting in Haskell

Once you occur to on Linux or macOS, then the formulation is easy:

  1. Set up ghcup and notice ghcup
    instructions for marvelous set up.

  2. Set up the most fresh model of the Haskell compiler — GHC — and the
    Cabal make instrument. After you put in
    ghcup, it is miles easy to install the relaxation with just a few instructions out of your

    ghcup install ghc 8.10.2
    ghcup residing ghc 8.10.2
    ghcup install cabal
  3. Bustle cabal update to salvage the most fresh details about Haskell packages.

Haskell IDE

Once you occur to manufacture now now not possess any IDE preferences, we propose placing in
Visual Studio Code with the
Haskell plugin.
The mentioned plugin would provide you the total needed to correct away starting up coding with Haskell.

How to invent

The course assumes that you just put in Haskell tooling (GHC and Cabal), edit code
within the corresponding chapters, traipse GHCi (Haskell interpreter, explained within the
course) from the root of this challenge and load your chapters to examine your code.
Develop now now not apprehension, every Chapter explains all relevant recordsdata!

We moreover present Makefile with instructions to take a look at your solutions domestically with our
ready take a look at-suite domestically. On the identical time, we configured CI the usage of GitHub
Actions for Learn4Haskell to examine your answers at GitHub straight away!

To traipse all tests for Chapter One:

To traipse tests simplest for frequent projects for Chapter One (with out the developed projects):

Identical instructions are offered for all chapters from One to Four.

Who we are

Veronika (@vrom911) and
Dmitrii (@chshersh) are skilled Haskell developers.
Together we drive this open provide organisation —
Kowainik. We now possess got pretty quite rather a lot of open provide projects
and libraries in Haskell that are worn within the Haskell neighborhood. We are moreover
working on pretty quite rather a lot of tutorials and guides in Haskell and mentoring these who’re
eager to be taught Haskell as successfully. Furthermore, Dmitrii has just a few years of expertise
instructing Haskell lessons within the university for the CS students.

We are enthusiastic about Purposeful Programming and Haskell in specific. Nonetheless at
the identical time all people knows how tough it is miles liable to be to in finding into all these
suggestions for your possess. This is why we made up our minds to starting up this course to serve
inexperienced persons. With the interactive studying activity and dwell discussions, Haskell
is liable to be now now not that upsetting, as a minimum we are able to manufacture our simplest that it goes to now now not be the case
for you!

How will you serve

That you simply would be able to serve us by supporting us on Ko-Fi or via GitHub sponsorship program:

We moreover deal with any suggestions on our course rather a lot! That you simply would be able to post your
suggestions the usage of the following in finding:

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