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Validating v2 (a Go library for validating structs and fields) is released


A Tear library for validating structs and fields.


  1. Straight forward

    Straight forward and tiring, no magic interesting.

  2. Kind-gracious

    Schema is outlined in Tear, which is form-safer (and more famous) than extinct struct tags.

  3. Versatile

    • Validators are composite.
    • Nested struct validation is smartly supported.
    • Schema will seemingly be outlined internal or open air struct.
    • Validator customizations are made easy.
  4. No reflection

Set up

$ dawdle bag -u

Validator factories and validators

To be strict, this library has a conceptual distinction between validator factory and validator.

A validator factory is a goal to make a validator, which is ready to invent the right validation.

Built-in validator factories

Validator customizations



Are attempting the Godoc.


This library borrows some recommendations from the following libraries:



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