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Binary files visualization

It’s a long way a if reality be told advanced job for a human to fetch delicate patterns in gigantic quantities of binary files, nonetheless, us other folks are favorable at discovering patterns in footage. Statistical visualizations indicate you are going to fetch a design to discovering the essential bits in a sea of binary files – all at a see.

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Binary files diagnosis

Veles combines excellent hex explorer and files visualization capabilities with an extensible framework for binary files diagnosis. Reverse engineering binaries? Exploring file machine footage? Steganography? Veles supports your work in all these fields.

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With the assortment of diversified architectures, file formats and encodings you are going to fetch a design to’t constantly set aside a query to to fetch the instrument you wish online. Veles uses client-server architecture, where every analyser can speed in a separate course of. All you ought to attain is salvage the suggestions from the server, put into effect a Python feature to parse it and return the outcomes.

Open provide

We launched an start provide alpha version of Veles in unhurried 2016 and will most certainly be releasing an up to this level and improved variations every month. We’re inspiring to fragment our experience with the community to force the trade in how we explore working with binary files.

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on the CTF battlefield

We mediate that Steal The Flag (CTF) competitions are an gorgeous making an strive out ground for binary files diagnosis tools love Veles. The challenges met all the design in which thru the competitions are an unending provide of wierd inputs and effective edge conditions. Our team uses Veles in all CTFs and we would luxuriate in to spy other groups benefitting from this precious instrument.

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