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Virgo 1302 – Demoscene 4k Intro


This repo incorporates human readable offer codes for VIRGO 1302 demoscene 4k intro, and the fabricate pipeline former to procure the final entry file. It positioned 1st in Assembly 2020 4k intro opponents. You would survey a prerendered model at YouTube.

4k right here doesn’t stand for the video decision which is 1080p, but rather the file size of the that is precisely 4096 bytes i.e. 4 kilobytes. The intro is a self-contained HTML page that produces 3: 47 minute audio-visible presentation rendered accurate-time on GPU using Javascript and WebGL. Because it makes use of raymarching for rendering, it is rather heavy and wants necessary dedicated graphics card to urge smoothly.

The title VIRGO 1302 comes from the PKS-1302-102 in Virgo constelation which is suspected to be a supermassive shadowy gap binary.

The visuals are mainly inspired by a simulation of dual blackholes carried out by Nasa and the whitepaper about rendering blackhole for the movie Interstellar.

Screenshot of VIRGO 1302 intro

Tune is carried out using SoundBox. The participant was as soon as then transformed into producing most wonderful mono audio and closely optimized, stripping all additional functionality. Song recordsdata is specified by so identical parts are subsequent to every other to additional optimize compression.

Graphics are carried out using WebGL2, attributable to it helps 3D textures that are fundamental to render 3D shadow maps for vivid volumetric lights. Sadly compute shaders are most wonderful supported in experimental & beta builds of Chrome, so rendering shadow maps wanted to be with usual fragment shaders layer by layer.

The scene is lit by 4 level lights barely above and below the accretion disc of every shadowy gap, simulating the light coming from the center. A single 128^3 3D shadow device is former, but it is divided into two parts to offer detailed shadow device to the center. First shadows are rendered for every level light and taking shorter steps end to the center. Then these four 64x64x128 sections are merged into detailed shadow device 128x128x64 for the center and no more detailed 128x128x64 shadow device for the outer clouds. This kind evaluating the lights is also carried out with a single texture lookup. World coordinates are additionally stretched to desire tubby living of the shadow maps, so empty living doesn’t hold any living and in relation to tubby 128^3 texture living is former. Temporal anti-aliasing is additionally closely former to stabilize the shadows.

Black gap rendering tries to simulate all capabilities of you might well also search recordsdata from in a accurate shadowy gap, but some ingenious liberties are taken.

  • Assymetry in gravity precipitated by rotation of the shadowy gap, this ends in shadowy gap being a exiguous “off center”
  • Purple and blushift in accretion disc precipitated by its rapid rotation around the shadowy gap, the doppler pause
  • Brigthening of the accresion disc additionally precipitated by rotation

Distortion of the light is executed by raymarching from digicam and making use of gravity at every step in step with distance traveled. Hybrid distance field and mounted size raymarching is former. While within volumetric cloud mounted step is former and whereas in empty living distance field with adaptive maximum step is former to peaceable make certain excessive precision for gravity distortion. Gravity is modifed in step with the angle of the ray in terms of rotation of the shadowy gap to operate the assymetry. Accretion disc coloration and brightness are additionally in step with this angle.

The tails leaving the shadowy holes and the higher cloud around the binary machine mimic what is also considered within the Nasas simulation. That is simply a spiral texture with appropriate noises applied.

Valuable purpose of the intro was as soon as to illustrate of the gravity distortion, so vivid digicam placement was as soon as fundamental. This was as soon as executed with key framed digicam animation. Each keyframe is printed as 4D vector that tells distance to center, peak, pan and tilt of the digicam, then interpolating between these with smoothstep feature.

Constructing requires:

  • Windows
  • Python 3
  • Java 8 or bigger

Zopflipng is on hand for other running systems and Shader Minifier can doubtlessly be ran thru compatiblity layers, so Window is rarely always strictly required by the toolchain.

Whenever you occur to don’t luxuriate in already obtained virtualenv for Python already place in, you might well install it with following describe. It be urged that you utilize it to retain your Python dependencies smooth.

py -m pip install --user virtualenv

Subsequent procure a brand unique environemnt for this finishing up and set off it. To achieve the virtualenv activation script, it is fundamental to enable it with Put-ExecutionPolicy for this PowerShelll session. Now the dependencies wont impact the enviornment Python installation.

py -m venv env
Put-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope Course of

Now install the Python dependencies.

pip install -r requirements.txt

To fabricate the final entry file precise urge the script.

The resulting HTML file is below entries/ folder and desires to be precisely 4096 bytes in size. The Python script and Zopflipng achieves 35 bytes higher compression than precise using off-the-shelf JsExe. That’s reduction from 4131 to 4096 bytes.

Following tools are former by the compilation python script, they are integrated below tools/ folder.

  • Google Closure Compiler
  • Shader Minifier
  • ZoplfliPNG
  • Bercon – Code, Graphics
  • dixan – Tune
  • mbitsnbites – SoundBox

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