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What is allowed during menstruation (menses) in Islam and what is not?


What is allowed during menstruation (menses) in Islam & what is not?

What is allowed at some stage in menstruation (menses or courses) in Islam & what is now not?

There are heaps of ruling related with menstruation, nonetheless we can quilt the largest ones to lend a hand in tips. If Allah wills.

Things ladies folks are alleged to refrain from doing at some stage in menstruation:

Prayer (salah)

It’s forbidden for a menstruating girl to pray both obligatory (fardh) and voluntary (nafl) prayers, and they are now not knowledgeable if she does them.


It’s forbidden for a menstruating girl to rapidly, whether it’s far an obligatory or a nafl rapidly, and it’s now not knowledgeable if she does it. However she has to attain up any obligatory fasts that she misses, thanks to the hadith of ‘Aa’ishah (would perhaps well presumably Allah be ok with her) who acknowledged:

“That (menses) outdated to happen to us and we had been commanded to attain up fasts nonetheless we weren’t commanded to attain up prayers”

Tawa’af of the Ka’bah

It’s forbidden for a menstruating girl to circumambulate the Ka’bah, whether that is obligatory or nafl, and it’s now not knowledgeable if she does it, for the reason that Prophet (peace be upon him) acknowledged to ‘Aa’ishah when she got her menses: “Elevate out all the pieces that the pilgrims carry out, nonetheless carry out now not circumambulate the Dwelling till you alter into pure”

Staying within the mosque

It’s forbidden for the menstruating girl to build within the mosque.


It’s forbidden for her husband to possess intercourse with her, and it’s far forbidden for her to enable him to lend a hand out so.


It’s forbidden for a husband to divorce a menstruating girl at some stage in her menses.

With regard to dhikr, takbeer, praising Allah, asserting Bismillah when eating and so on, and learning hadiths, fiqh and du’aa’s, or asserting Ameen to du’aa’s, and being attentive to or learning Qur’an, none of these items are forbidden to her. Though some students inform that she is now not allowed to touch Qur’an nonetheless there may be now not any such hadith which trace this at as soon as and related goes for hadith books.

And Allah knows finest!

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