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Why and How Zk-Snark Works: Definitive Explanation


[Submitted on 17 Jun 2019]


Abstract: Despite the existence of a pair of colossal resources on zk-SNARK building,
from genuine papers to explainers, attributable to the sheer kind of arresting elements the
self-discipline stays a gloomy box for tons of. While some items of the puzzle are given
one can not peer the stout picture without the lacking ones. Hence the focus of
this work is to shed light onto the subject with a easy and gorgeous
scheme basically based on examples and answering many whys along the model so as that more
individuals can just like the issue of the art technology, its innovators and
within the slay the class of math. Paper’s contribution is a simplistic exposition
with a passable and step by step increasing level of complexity, predominant to
trace zk-SNARK with none prerequisite knowledge of the self-discipline,
cryptography or evolved math. The significant goal will not be easiest to state the very best scheme it
works but why it works and the very best scheme it came to be this model.

Submission historical past

From: Maksym Petkus [view email]

Mon, 17 Jun 2019 18: 55: 12 UTC (54 KB)

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