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Work smarter, not harder (as a developer)


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How answering few questions encourage you to keep time?

Mehdi Farsi

Give me 6 hours to lop down a tree and I’ll utilize the principle 4 sharpening the axe.


This quote actually summarises the thought.

This thought implicitly forces you to acknowledge to the following questions sooner than to beginning a brand unique job:

  • Enact I actually bask in the final data to beginning?
  • What’s the scope of this projects?
  • Is it a repeatable job?
  • What’s the final alternatives to make this job?
  • What’s the most productive resolution for this given context?

Being a clear achiever requires time and be aware. However as soon as you is probably going to be acquainted and satisfied with this assignment then you for sure’ll be in a position to construct extra code whereas guaranteeing a excessive well-liked of wonderful.

Good ample. Nothing greater than an example to treasure what it ability to be a clear achiever.

This present day, your lead developer asks you to exceptionally insert the yell of a CSV file in the database. The CSV file is light and it simplest refers to a single desk with out affiliation.

Every line corresponds to a myth to insert. Rather easy, isn’t it?

3 obvious alternatives:

  • Insert straight away in database.
  • Form a straightforward script
  • Producing a reusable code

The first one is basically forbidden!

Certainly, inserting files straight away in database can construct unwanted aspect outcomes because it bypasses the final guards that you just’ve applied: code assessment, QA, CI, and so on..

On the varied hand, increasing a verbose script that matches to this CSV format appears to be the supreme resolution.

Certainly, increasing a library that utilize any additional or much less CSV to insert in any tables appears a bit overkill as this insertion is remarkable..

Taking the time to amass data in inform to select on out the supreme decision relying for your context, encourage you to keep hundreds of instances one day of your developments.

Every job that you just make helps to sharpen your instinct.


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