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Yahoo Groups Archiving Status (October Update)


Closing November, Yahoo introduced that they would be shutting down many key choices on the used Yahoo Groups. There modified into as soon as a valuable challenge to rescue records, lead by Archive Crew and fandoms who traced their origins to Yahoo Groups. If truth be told we had written all about it back in January:

The parable did no longer end there on the different hand. So let’s discuss what has transpired since…

No subject us even reporting 30 January as the closing lower-off date, Yahoo persisted to select up Get My Data (GMD) requests for roughly per week. So active efforts ceased around that time. Now modified into as soon as the ready sport, because it took about a more weeks for about a of those GMD requests to job.

By expressionless February, many of the volunteers had disbanded or moved onto other initiatives. But there modified into as soon as silent great to be performed. For one thing, folks had rushed so great to grab all the pieces that they would possibly perchance presumably, that most of those group files had been an complete mess, no longer made any greater by how Yahoo’s GMD exports labored. So the closing volunteers stuck around to mark their massive series.

Doranwen, indubitably one of the most leads on the Yahoo-Geddon (aka Attach Yahoo Groups) challenge, normally documented their development within the future of this time.

A couple of numbers and random other bits of data:

~2 TB of fandom records saved (that I know of, for now)

~200,000 confirmed fandom groups saved in some vogue

~2,000 Sims groups saved…

*The one motive I know the Sims number is due to I modified into as soon as monitoring those groups on Google spreadsheets in articulate to search out all of them and salvage volunteers to be part of them. For other fandoms it’s no longer in all probability to give any sort of number at this point (though I know there modified into as soon as a ton of LOTR, HP, Buffy, and Westlife, lol). Yahoo’s categorization modified into as soon as grisly and a gaggle name doesn’t regularly give honest clues as to whether or no longer it’s fandom/non-fandom. Getting that kind of files will accumulate a honest deal of time and work.

Doranwen, The tip of Yahoo Groups – about a solutions & stats

One other articulate modified into as soon as that the series modified into as soon as no longer if reality be told unified. Archive Crew had furthermore archived a bunch of files, so the Yahoo-Geddon team persisted to mark those batch by batch for about a more months.

It if reality be told is no longer normally-ending!!

Yahoo-Geddon volunteer, 14 July 2020

But yet some other motive the Yahoo-Geddon team modified into as soon as taking see you later modified into as soon as consequently of how meticulous they had been. They labored to no longer only curate this series for the sake of archiving, no longer only to imprint the ancient past of fandom, but furthermore so that you can provide a successfully to place dataset that researchers would possibly perchance presumably desire to expend within the prolonged jog.

-[Stage] 4.5b: Be conscious that we got a bunch of groups from scrounging the hyperlinks of different groups for unusual groups to be part of? Some of the commands used to job that records generated “groups” that by no manner existed (with http: stuck on the tip, apostrophes or commas in them, and heaps others.). Additionally one stage of the spreadsheet work ended up with a definite selection of groups getting a reproduction version added to the spreadsheet with _dupe after the name.

So for this stage I ship the spreadsheets to my assistant who runs a script against them to search out groups with punctuation in them or _dupe on the tip. A extremely very shrimp selection of very used (grandfathered from who knows which checklist service) groups if reality be told legitimately possess classes of their names, but in most conditions groups with classes by no manner existed either.

This job is moderately swiftly for every letter but varies greatly in what must be performed, as on occasion group folders are affected (and some punctuation marks Yahoo simply disregarded all the pieces from that imprint onwards and treated the letters sooner than it as a gaggle name).

Yahoo Groups metadata processing steps, stage 4.5b

Sadly, Yahoo!, blind as ever to Yahoo-Geddon’s efforts, possess determined to completely shut down Yahoo Groups. Whereas Yahoo Groups only retained its bare-bone choices, this would possibly perchance presumably also be striking an end to a pair decade-used mailing lists…

On a associated trace, a titillating discovery Yahoo-Geddon made is that Yahoo if reality be told has no longer deleted archives, photos and files but only removed public salvage entry to.

The files are silent there, from what I will expose! They’ve correct blocked us from getting to them.

The monthly reminder emails with attachments are silent coming in – and the attachments attain from files within the files sections. Clearly those had been by no manner removed.

Which manner that Yahoo would possibly perchance presumably possess chosen to grant us salvage entry to to all of that for a tubby 365 days sooner than closing Groups fully, but did no longer.

by plot of the Attach Yahoo Groups Discord server

Real goes to expose that curation is the one half of of archiving/preservation… Whenever that it is in all probability you’ll accumulate to learn more and even participate in Yahoo Neighborhood dissection, test out the Attach Yahoo Groups discord server:

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