Adebayo Salami: Biography, Early Life, Career, Family and Net Worth

Adebayo Salami

Adebayo Salami

Adebayo Salami, often known as Oga Bello, is a veteran Nigerian actor and producer who was born in Lagos State on May 9, 1953.

Adebayo is from Kwara State, Nigeria’s Noprthcertanl Art. He has been working in the Nolyyw industry for almost four decades and continues to be quite active.

Adebayo Salami Education

Oga Bello attended Lagos State for his primary and secondary education. He did not continue his education after completing his secondary education.

Adebayo Salami Career

Adebayo Salami began his acting career in 1964 with the Young Concert Party, which was led by Ojo Ladipo, better known as Baba Mero.

The group’s name was changed to Ojo Ladipo Theatre Group after a few years. Later, it became the Awada Kerikeri Theatre Group. Following the death of Ojo Ladipo in 1978, Salami assumed the role of group leader, thrusting him into the spotlight.

Salami, Adebayo Wives

Adebayo Salami is married to two women. In primary school, he met his first wife. Alhaja Ejide is her name, and she claims she disliked Adebayo in school. They became friends after some time, and then began a romantic connection. They’ve been together for over four decades.

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Omotayo Sanusi is his second wife, whom Oga Bello met through his younger sister. In the year 2016, the couple tied the knot.

 Adebayo Salami Children

Adebayo Salami has nine daughters and nine sons and is the father of 18 children.

Movies starring Adebayo Salami

Since he began acting over five decades ago, Adebayo Salami has been in a number of films. Here are a few of his films:

Ajani Ogun, Omo Orukan, Ogun Ajaye, Ija Orogun, Ilari , Ilari.



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