Alesh Sanni: Biography, Early Life, Career, Family and Net Worth

Alesh Sanni

Sanni, Alesh

Alesh Ola Sanni is a Nigerian actor, filmmaker, novelist, and entrepreneur who was born in Agege, Lagos State, on April 4, 1993.

Alesh is from Ogun State in Nigeria’s southwestern region. In 2012, he entered the Nigerian film industry, which catapulted him into the spotlight.

Alesh Sanni Education

He attended Funbell Nursery and Primary School for his Nursery and Primary school before moving on to Lagooz College in Agege, Lagos for his secondary education. He went to Federal Polytechnic, Offa, after completing his secondary education, and obtained a diploma in accounting.

Alesh Sanni’s Professional Life

Alesh Ola Sanni made his acting debut in the Lagos film Trade in 2012, and he has since acted in a number of films alongside Agara Ola, Karma, and Pamilerin.

He produced his first film, “Ife Iya,” in 2014, and later produced Fairy Story, an award-winning film in which he collaborated with top Nollywood performers.

He received over five film festival awards in 2016 for his film “Agbara Ola,” which was an official selection for the Abuja International Film Festival 2019, an official selection for the first time film-maker sessions 2019, an official selection for ASIFF 2019, and a Real-time film festival 2020.

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Movies by Alesh Sanni

Since his arrival in Nollywood, Alesh has been in a number of films. The following are some of the films:

  • “My Fairytales” (2019)
  • “Karma” (2019).
  • “Agbara Ola” (2019)
  • “Family Affairs” (2019)
  • “Score To Settle” (2019)
  • “Jimmy Bravo” (2018).
  • “A Year In A Day” (2018).
  • “Omo Iya Mi” (2017)
  • “Pamilerin” (2016)
  • Ife Iya (2014)

Alesh Sanni business

Alesh is a businessman who owns a fashionable collection of Alesh Sanni Collections, which has enabled him to buy opulent clothing.

Alesh Sanni Parents

Who are Alesh Sanni’s parents? Mr. and Mrs. Sanni are Alesh Saani’s parents. Mr. Sanni is from the state of Ogun, while Mrs. Sanni is from the state of Oyo.

Alesh Sanni’s net worth

Alesh Sanni is a well-known Nigerian actor with a net worth of $500,000 on the internet.


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