Iya Gbokan: Biography, Career, Parents, Children and Net Worth

Iya Gbokan

Iya Gbokan

Margaret Bandele Olayinka, better known as Iya Gbokan, is a Nigerian actress and producer who was born in Otu, Oyo State, on September 14, 1958.

She is noted for her unusual acting style, which she uses to play the character of a cruel elderly woman in films.

Iya Gbokan Career

When it comes to Yoruba films, Iya Gbonkan is a household name. Iya Gbonkan’s performances in special characters have remained intriguing and daring to this day, ranging from the wicked leader of the occult to the fantastic mother who suckles the blood of her own children in movies.

She moved to Ibadan to work as a housemaid after abandoning her birthplace owing to a series of mistreatment by a relative of her father’s. With her father’s knowledge, she worked as a maid in Ibadan.

Iya Gbokan

Iya Gbokan Hometown

Iya Gbokan is from Otu, Oyo state’s Itesiwaju local government. Her mother is also from Iseyin, in the state of Oyo.

Iya Gbokan Date Of Birth

Iya Gbokan was born on September 14, 1958, in Lagos, Nigeria.

Iya Gbokan Parents

Iya Gbokan’s father worked as a trader in Ibadan, and she is also her mother’s only child.

Iya Gbokan Net_worth

Iya Gbokan net worth is unknown


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