Segun Ogungbe Pretty Daughter Based In Dubai

Segun Ogungbe is a Nigerian actor, producer, and director who lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirate, with his lovely daughter.
On the 28th of March, Ogungbe was born. He is a Nigerian film director and actor who is most known for his roles in the films Akoto Olokada and Ila Owo.

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Segun Ogungbe is married to two women and has five children. We’ll be talking about one of the actor’s children.
Segun Ogungbe, a Yoruba Nollywood actor, has a daughter named Mide. She is currently based in the United Arab Emirates, namely in Dubai.

Atinuke Ogungbe, Ogungbe’s first wife, has a daughter named Ajokeade. She is the couple’s firstborn child.

Segun Ogungbe Pretty Daughter Segun Ogungbe Pretty Daughter