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$30 Wind Turbine


Up up to now 24 Sept ’18

Developed by: Daniel Connell

English Tutorial Text: Daniel Connell

Tutorial Animation: Daniel Connell

Contents of this tutorial:





Step By Step Instructions

Configurations and Applications


Right here’s a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine which makes utilize of wind energy to drive issues like an alternator/generator for producing electrical energy, or air and water pumps for cooling, irrigation and same.

The turbine makes utilize of the 35-40% mechanically ambiance excellent Lenz2 eradicate+traipse create. It’s a long way made nearly fully from scrap materials, and could per chance well price about $15-$30 for the six vane model, which could per chance well additionally be made by two of us in four hours without well-known effort.

The three vane model has been efficiently survival examined to 80 km/h sustained winds and the six vane model to 105 km. Both will dwell extra, but precisely how well-known has no longer yet been ascertained. The most up-to-date longest running model has been up since early 2014, thru sensible storms, and not using a noticeable attach on and trek as of yet.

Fat energy curves contain yet to be calculated for this particular build, but per Mr Ed Lenz’s calculations a six vane at 0.91 meters diameter and 1.1 meters excessive with a 90% ambiance excellent alternator could per chance well tranquil form no longer lower than 130 watts of electrical energy in a 30 km/h wind, and 1 kilowatt at 60 km/h.

The materials listed on this tutorial are to construct the three vane model. Double the total lot apart from the bike wheel for six vanes.


Vitality drill

Steel Drill Bits

4mm, 6mm, 10mm.

Craft Amplenife or Stanley Amplenife / Box Cutter

The mature is better for reducing paper, the latter for scoring the aluminium sheets, so one of each could per chance additionally be a absolute top concept.

20mm x 20mm attitude aluminium

About 1 meter long, a further 30cm length shall be handy. To be passe for ruling and bending.
Tape Measure
Pop Riveter

Marker Pen

Sticky Tape

4 Clothes Pegs

Springy or the other kind.
Pc and printer

Low quality sad and white is comely.

And 2 pieces of A4 or US Letter paper.



7mm Socket / Nut Driver

For utilize with the drill to tighten your bolts. Great sooner and simpler.


11 Aluminium lithographic offset printing plates

These are pure aluminium sheets passe in a printing course of slightly total with newspapers and packaging. A medium sized printing firm could per chance well recycle loads of of plates per week, so or no longer it’s in total easy to expend them up cheap. Ring around any native corporations offering offset printing.

Any measurement, thickness, or kind is comely as long as they’re better than 67cm on the long axis.
They it’s a long way going to be reasonably inky within the event you get them, it washes off your hands without yell ample with soap and ought to be non toxic.

150 4mm Diameter Pop Rivets

About 6-8mm long.

18 M4 Bolts / Machine Screws

About 12-20mm long, hex heads are only.

18 M4 Nylocs / Lock Nuts

These are nuts with a hoop of nylon to pause them rattling free. Whereas you can’t fetch these a typical M4 nut with a spring washer will dwell the same job.

24 Small Washers

4mm inside of diameter to envision the pop rivets and bolts, outer diameter about 10mm.

27 Orderly/Penny/Repair Washers

4mm inside of diameter to envision the pop rivets and bolts, outer diameter about 20mm.

26 Hump Bike Wheel

Exactly how bike wheels are measured is a bit of complex, in most cases you’d like to contain one which is about 58cm complete outer rim diameter, give or purchase.

The wheel could per chance well tranquil:

~ No longer be like a flash free up

~ Private a typical thick axle (about 10mm diameter)

~ Private 36 spokes

~ Speed reasonably without problems

~ Private ample axle exhibiting to connect to your pole mount, no longer lower than 3-4cm.

~ Handiest desires gears when you are going to be running a series off them, which you presumably don’t seem to be.

It might additionally be friendly to purchase the wheel hub apart using spanners and a bike cone spanner and give the bearings a small bit of a attention-grabbing and re-grease, and to lengthen the axle as well-known as doubtless on one facet for attaching. Whereas you contain no longer executed this sooner than purchase it alongside to your native bike servicing location and so that they’re going to be fully happy to illustrate you the arrangement. Need to now not be needed tho if the wheel runs nicely ample and has ample axle exhibiting.

12 bike wheel spokes

Any length, kind, or condition is comely.

2 Strips of Steel

Roughly 20cm x 3cm x 3mm.

Spare Bike Wheel Axle and Three Nuts To Match

Anything as long as or no longer it’s a long way the same thread as the axle on your wheel.

3 M6 x About 60mm Bolts and Nuts

You are going to desire them with miniature hex heads.


Little by small build instructions:

These uncover to the animation to the left.

Step 1:

Receive and print the 2 template files from the hyperlinks above. Be certain they’re printed at 100% (200 dpi). When printed measure the gap between the dimension arrows, it ought to be 10cm on each pages. If or no longer it’s a pair mm off that’s presumably ok.

Tape the pages collectively in squawk that the 10cm dimension marks overlap as carefully as doubtless. Handiest manner to dwell right here’s on a window pane sooner or later of the day, so that that you just can have the option to glance each pages exhibiting thru.

With a craft knife and the attitude aluminium as a straight edge, slash out the outer border of the template.

Any time you’re reducing, continuously build certain your other hand is no longer in entrance of the knife, so when you stir you are no longer going to nick your self. The attitude aluminium is horny for this, as the vertical bit successfully shields the hand conserving it.


Prefer an aluminium sheet and measure a field 42cm x 48cm. Plot a line half of manner up the 48cm length so that you just contain two boxes measuring 42cm x 24cm. Ranking the outer traces with the Stanley knife and straight edge. You are no longer looking out to slash thru the steel, ultimate own a line that can then be popped out later. A sexy manner is to attain as soon as lightly, then a 2nd time a bit deeper.

Accomplish no longer receive the 24cm halfway line.

Flex the steel in squawk that it bends at a receive line, then flex abet the other manner. Accomplish this a pair cases and it could per chance per chance well tranquil ruin up. Accomplish the same for the other receive and salvage the outer steel. Retain it for later.


Tape the template to the steel rectangle (any further to be continuously known as a ‘mature’) in squawk that the long fringe of the paper sits on the center line and the coolest hand edges of each line up. Don’t peril if the other edges produce no longer align completely.

With blade and straight edge, receive out the template curve, at the side of the triangles at each pause. Or no longer it’s no longer needed that this be 100% optimistic, but are attempting and get the first one reasonably tremendous as that you just can have the option to then utilize it as a template for the comfort.

Ranking, flex, and salvage the 2 triangles of steel exterior the template.


Value the facilities of the small circles on the paper template with a marker pen in squawk that they’re visible from the other facet and flip the paper over in squawk that the broadcast facet is down on the other half of of the mature, conserving the long edge on the center line. Retape so it would now not shift.

Give the zigzag receive about a flexes and trek it out. Protect the 2 miniature triangles. Watch out no longer to bend the unscored steel too well-known as you’re doing this as it could per chance per chance well weaken it.

You now contain your first mature. Repeat steps 2 thru 3 in squawk that you contain an complete of 6 formers. Which that you just can additionally utilize the first mature as a reducing template as a replacement of the paper. On three of the formers contain the 24cm line drawn on the entrance, the other three on the abet.


Prefer all six formers and peg them collectively so that they are as nicely aligned as doubtless.

Use tape to connect them when you produce no longer contain clothes pegs.

Drill each of the 16 holes thru all six formers with a 4mm bit. Drill the center gap first, as right here’s the single one that desires to be reasonably moral. It could in point of fact abet to connect a gallop thru that first gap to withhold the formers from appealing around as you drill.

If the holes on your template are laid out a small otherwise than these within the animation it shall be since the template is extra as much as this point.

Protect the template and unpeg the formers.

Field a mature with the 24cm line a bit of overhanging the fringe of the table. Field the straight edge on the center line and bend as much as 90 levels. Repeat with all six, with three formers zigzag brilliant facet up and three zigzag brilliant facet down.

Keep the formers apart.


Prefer an aluminium sheet and flatten out any bends within the steel. Within the slash rate of the long edge down to 67cm.

Plot a line 2cm from one of many 67cm edges, flip the sheet over and design yet any other line 2cm from the different edge on the other facet of the steel.

repeat with 2 extra sheets and peg all 3 collectively in squawk that every drawn line is aligned to the fringe of the sheet above it.

Value the threshold at 4cm, 6, 8, 10, 18, 26, 34, after which each 2cm up to and at the side of 64cm

Prefer into fable that one facet has a receive at 4cm from the threshold, the other at 3cm.

Flip the sheets over, ensuring they produce no longer lose their alignment. Value and receive the same as the first edge. Be certain each contain the 4cm gap on the same edge.


Faucet the sheets on the table so that they are aligned on high of 1 yet any other.

From the 4cm pause design a vertical line at 19cm from the threshold, and one at 33cm from the threshold.

Value each line at 3cm and 20cm from each ends.

Drill all 3 sheets with 4mm holes at all 8 marks. Whereas you end up making a six vane turbine as a replacement of three that you just can have the option to drill all six sheets at as soon as as without yell.

Unpeg the sheets.


Field a sheet in squawk that the 2nd 3cm edge is overhanging the table. Field the straight edge on the 2nd receive mark in and triangulate the threshold as confirmed within the animation.

Triangulate the 4cm edge within the same manner.

Pre-bend the sheet in squawk that it shall be simpler to location within the formers. Don’t bend it so tightly that you just crease the steel.


Flip the sheet ultimate and insert into the curve slash into a high mature (the uncut half of of the mature ought to be pointing upwards).

The single manner to dwell this is to first location the 4cm edge triangle into its slot, then the 3cm edge, push within the inside of flap, then work the comfort of the sheet thru the slash.

Fold down the tabs in squawk that the first three at each pause fold out, then alternate. You are going to presumably must give the receive marks a couple of flexes sooner than tearing them, or utilize pliers if they’re being particularly cussed. Whereas you fetch that you just contain zigzag a tab the contaminated manner leave it as it’s a long way, bending it abet the other manner will weaken the steel. Be certain the three long tabs alternate to 1 yet any other.

Push up the mature in squawk that or no longer it’s stage with the zigzag flaps.

Field 2 bike spokes within the fold of the mature and bend it closed. Whereas you squish the fringe of the steel around the spoke with pliers or same it could per chance per chance in point of fact pause it from falling out.

Flip the vane, location the other mature, and fold down the tabs in the same manner.


Slash and salvage the mature’s two outer corners. Within the slash rate of the smaller triangle stage with the fringe of the other mature half of, but give the easier triangle a 2cm offset, in squawk that it overlaps.

Repeat for the other mature.


Prefer one of many offcuts left over from reducing a mature. Within the slash rate of out a strip which is 7cm huge after which slash 4cm off the long length.

Triangulate the strip as confirmed.

Value the rough heart of each pause of the 3cm huge face with a line about a centimeters long.


Field the triangulated strut contained within the vane in squawk that the 3cm face sits on the row of drilled holes closer to the abet edge. Take into fable the drawn traces thru the tip drilled gap to envision that or no longer it’s centered.

Drill the strut thru the outlet within the vane and fasten with a rivet. Repeat for the bottom gap, then the 2 within the center.


Prefer a fresh sheet, tranquil out any bends, and slash the long length down to 67cm, then slash in half of so that you just contain two pieces 33.5cm huge.

Within the slash rate of off 4cm from one of many brief edges of each pieces.

Repeat in squawk that you just contain four 33.5cm sheets (tho that you just can only need three of them). Align and peg all three collectively.

From one of many long edges, design three vertical traces at 1cm, 9cm, and 19cm.

Value these traces in from each ends at 1cm and 20cm.

Drill a 4mm gap at each of the twelve marks.


Value the sheet at 5cm in from the different edge.

Triangulate the threshold as confirmed.


Field the half of sheet contained within the vane in squawk that its un-triangulated edge is aligned with the vane’s abet edge. Or no longer it’s ok to contain a miniature gap or bowl at either pause if it would now not match completely within the vane.

Drill and rivet the row of holes within the half of sheet closest to the abet edge.


Stand the vane ultimate. Push the half of sheet’s triangulated edge in and ahead in squawk that or no longer it’s against the other sheet and considerably tight over the strut.

Drill thru the row of holes on which the half of sheet’s triangulated edge is sitting and rivet in location.


Drill thru one of the center holes within the half of sheet’s abet most row, ensuring to sustain the drill reasonably straight, and fasten with a rivet and washer, in squawk that the washer is on the inside of the vane. This bit is well-known simpler with a 2nd pair of hands. Are attempting to withhold the washer slightly flat on the steel.

Repeat for the other three holes.

Drill, rivet and washer the final row. The half of sheet could per chance well tranquil be tight across the strut. Which that you just can well per chance tranquil depend upon that the vane is now a lot stronger and extra inflexible.

Fold up the overlap on each formers to 90 levels.


Drill thru your complete holes on the mature which could per chance well additionally be linked to the bike wheel. If you’re making a three vane model this shall be the bottom mature. Whereas you end up making a six vane then three of the vanes will connect to the wheel at their bottom, and three at their high. The vanes are otherwise same.

Drill into a miniature block of wood or rolled up tube of aluminium offcut in squawk that the steel would now not get pushed in and in squawk that you just produce no longer chance drilling your hand.

Rivet each of the holes apart from for the ones marked:

as these shall be bolted to the wheel rim.

Or no longer it’s fully easy on among the holes to ultimate push the inside of layer of steel away with each the drill and rivet, so take a look at that every is well holed and linked. If any don’t seem to be that you just can additionally want to drill out and change the rivet.

Drill the holes within the different mature, the one which would now not connect to the wheel, and rivet all apart from the center one.


Prefer your bike wheel. Drill three 4mm holes evenly spaced around the rim. Your wheel could per chance well tranquil contain 36 spokes, so drill a gap every 12 spokes. The gap ought to be slightly shut to the rim edge.

Traipse an M4 gallop up thru one of many holes within the wheel and thru the abet most unriveted gap within the bottom mature of a vane.

Field a optimistic washer and a nyloc on the gallop. Be certain the gallop is against the bike spoke you attach contained within the mature’s folded edge, and the washer is over it. Right here’s so the gallop, and as a consequence of this truth your complete vane cant rip either sideways or upwards off the wheel.

Don’t fully tighten the nyloc yet.

Align the vane in squawk that the other unriveted gap sits shut to the threshold of the wheel rim and mark with a pen thru the outlet, and likewise the unriveted gap within the center of the mature.

Rotate the vane away in squawk that you just are going to have the option to drill the 2 marks.

Switch the vane abet and lock down with two bolts, optimistic washers, and nylocs. Fully tighten all three. Right here’s where the 7mm socket / nut driver turns out to be helpful, as tightening these by hand is a small bit of work. You are going to also desire to utilize hex head bolts as they’re going to optimistically lock in against the wheel rim and no longer turn within the event you’re tightening them. If they dwell ultimate grab the pinnacle with a pair of pliers or a 7mm spanner. Trying to get a screwdriver on these when you utilize Phillips head bolts or same is a small bit of a nightmare at only, and roughly no longer means when you’re making a six vane turbine.


Repeat twice from step 8 to assemble two extra vanes out of your final formers and sheets and fasten them to the wheel.


Prefer yet any other sheet offcut and nick out a strip 9.5cm huge and 62cm long.

The animation says 67cm for this length but that desires to be as much as this point, 62cm is the categorical dimension

Plot traces long ways at 3.5cm from one long edge, and at 1cm from the other long edge on the other facet of the steel.

Bend the 1cm width to 45 levels. Flip abet and triangulate as confirmed.

Drill a 4mm gap 1cm in from each pause of the strut within the center of the 1cm flat self-discipline. Drill and rivet a gap at the midpoint.

Repeat twice extra so that you just contain three struts.


Field an M4 gallop with a optimistic washer up thru the unriveted heart gap within the tip of 1 of the vanes, and thru the pause holes in two of the struts. Add a optimistic washer and nyloc.

Repeat with the other two vanes and the closing strut. Don’t fully tighten yet.

The head of the vanes must no longer be twisted relative to their negative. Field the turbine on the bottom so that that you just can have the option to survey down on it, stand over one of many vanes in squawk that you just are going to have the option to glance the long fringe of each formers. Twist the tip mature in squawk that it traces up with the bottom one.

Drill a gap thru one of many struts and the mature 1-2cm from the threshold. Add optimistic-washered gallop, optimistic washer, and nyloc. Recheck the alignment, drill the other strut and nyloc gallop etc. Tighten all three.

Repeat for the other two vanes.

Optionally, that you just can have the option to add a further three vanes to the underside of the wheel. This could per chance provide you with twice apart from-known energy, and likewise build the turbine extra true as it successfully moves the contact camouflage the heart of the turbine as a replacement of the bottom.


To build a brace for bolting your turbine to wherever or no longer it’s going, purchase two pieces of steel roughly 18cm and 20cm long, by about 3cm huge, by about 3mm thick. These numbers are no longer vitally crucial, as long as they’re about that measurement and the steel is reasonably solid.

Value each share 3cm from one pause and in a bench vice or same bend the steel to a absolute top attitude. Be certain that your complete diversified angles are beautiful shut to 90 levels or the turbine could per chance no longer be straight.

Nest the 2 pieces in squawk that the 18cm length is sitting contained within the 20cm. Drill a10mm gap (which ought to be the diameter of the axle of the bike wheel on your turbine) thru each 3cm tabs of steel. Fabricate certain the pieces produce no longer stir from one yet any other when you are drilling.

Prefer a spare bike axle which is an identical thread as that on your wheel, and wind on a nut. Insert this thru the 20cm steel share, add and tighten yet any other nut, add the 18cm share, then yet any other nut.

Drill a 6mm gap within the outlet between the 2 pieces, as confirmed, and then yet any other thru each about 1cm down, and a third gap shut to the other pause.

Prefer the total lot abet apart.


On the length of axle on the underside of your turbine wheel location first the 20cm steel share with an M6 gallop thru its high gap (if the nut you’re using is no longer particularly elephantine that you just can additionally want to file down the pinnacle of the gallop so it suits between the 2 steel pieces), then the nut and tighten, then the 18cm share, then the closing nut and build optimistic tight, and sooner or later two bolts thru the final holes.

Congratulations, you contain made a wind turbine!


These are some means ways to connect ideas to your turbine in squawk that it could per chance per chance in point of fact dwell priceless work. There’s no longer of course a one measurement suits all solution to precisely what or the manner that you just can tranquil paddle about this, as this can depend carefully on your particular location, and these doubtless solutions are intended only as a guide. If and within the event you get to this part of the approach please email us accurate away or investigate cross-take a look at the Fb personnel, where the neighborhood can abet you build what that you just can like and likewise that you just can have the option to utilize what others contain executed already. Most builds are beautiful easy, and or no longer it’s all been executed sooner than.

A: DC Generator.

This turbine could per chance well additionally be plugged into and passe to energy a diversity of ideas, such as mechanically attaching a pump in expose to transfer water and compress air, but you’re presumably going to be using it to generate electrical energy to price batteries.

With no doubt one of many absolute top to supply solutions for right here’s to utilize a everlasting magnet (as in, it makes utilize of right magnets as a replacement of electromagnets) snarl most up-to-date motor in reverse as a generator. What sort of motor you end up using will depend upon how well-known wind you contain, how well-known energy that you just can like, and your budget, but attaching them is largely the same course of regardless. Generous alternate ideas consist of motors from car windscreen wipers, mobility scooters, electrical motor bikes, and treadmills, in roughly that expose of increasing energy output. These could per chance well additionally be salvaged from objects getting thrown away, or sold on-line.

Attaching is basically ultimate a matter of stripping the total lot off the motor, attaching a pulley to the shaft, running a toothed timing belt around the wheel rim (with a layer of nylon strapping bolted to the wheel to supply protection to the belt and give it something to grab onto) and attaching the motor to the pole physique as confirmed, with long bolts so that that you just can have the option to without yell alter the stress on the belt.

B: The Pole.

There’s diversified belongings that you just can have the option to connect the turbines to, at the side of the roof of your condominium, a ship, a van, or a radio mast, but basically the most commonplace option especially if you’re in a rural self-discipline, is a steel pole with guide ropes.

This is gorgeous well-known ultimate a matter of plugging the diversified parts collectively as confirmed within the video and getting the total lot tight and safe. You are going to desire the holes on your ground anchor pieces of wood no longer lower than half of a meter to a meter deep, or connect to every other solid fixed parts that you just can contain.

The single wrinkle on this configuration is that or no longer it’s hinged shut to the bottom in squawk that your complete pole and turbine could per chance well additionally be dropped for repairs or within the tournament of a wind storm. Right here’s ultimate a matter of eradicating the D shackle from the anchor point assembly to which the horizontal bid arm is hooked up, and using the bid fastidiously reducing your complete assembly to the ground. It’s a long way mainly helpful to contain some roughly stand where it comes down to extend the turbine. Raising it yet again is candy the reverse of this course of, ensuring after that your complete cables are nicely taught and the pole is vertical.

You are going to desire to utilize four cables as a replacement of three as this can build your complete ingredient extra true and safe while being raised and reduced.

C: Bike Chain and DC Generator(s)

This configuration shall be as much as this point within the contemporary tutorial as it genuinely makes no sense.

D: Electric Bike Wheel.

The acceptable resolution for producing electrical energy from the turbine is to utilize an electrical motor hub bike wheel. Whereas that you just shall be devoted of discovering one. The create makes utilize of a wheel anyway, and beautiful well-known every facet of energy inputs, outputs, rpms etc match reasonably nicely into a straight away drive ~300 watt eBike wheel. All you dwell is build the turbine on it and traipse the wires into your electrical map. Sadly nonetheless, exterior of some countries they could per chance additionally be grand and dear to supply.

E: Home Made Alternator.

This option provides you by a long way the most alter over you energy generation by manner of voltage, rpms, and total wattage. Or no longer additionally it’s a long way per chance basically the most labour and records intensive. In actuality or no longer it’s ultimate a circle of magnets passing over a circle of copper wire coils, but precisely what configuration of these will depend upon diversified factors. It’s a long way, nonetheless, a yell which has been solved a thousand cases sooner than, and there is a heap of horny records about it all on-line. The Fb personnel is an efficient location to quiz questions and fetch sources on this.

F: “The Hardcore”.

This configuration could even be as much as this point within the subsequent model of the tutorial.

G: Daisy Chain.

About half of the total price for a commonplace set up of the turbine is within the pole and its diversified fittings. Nonetheless there is now not any cause why that you just can have the option to only contain one turbine per pole. The lower ones will get less wind and so attach out less energy than the tip ones, but it certainly could per chance well tranquil tranquil be rate doing to in most cases duvet your complete length of the pole. And that you just can have the option to contain some producing electrical energy, some pumping water, in spite of you love.

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