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433% Keyboard


433% Keyboard


IT IS FINALLY (mostly) COMPLETED. If anyone has ever heard directly from God Himself, the idea of this keyboard used to be no doubt the message. 450 keys of stable non-mx-browness and
433% the dimensions of a accepted pudgy size, what more could well you demand of for? This keyboard fits 2 (two) pudgy soccer fields on it {device on page 9 of your textbooks}. and um yeah thats kinda it idk are you able to explore it there isnt vital to assert.

{and yes for anyone who’s unique, i do know the images load sluggish, im the employ of some jankery correct undergo with it plz and ty}

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  • PCB: ScrabblePad
  • Microcontrollers: Teensy2.0++(x2)
  • Switches: Gateron Yellows
  • Keycaps: xda 9009 from kpreublic (98), dsa sad grey blanks (90), xda light grey blanks (12), cherry relegenadble keycaps (tipro rebrand) (120), dsa “retro beige” (26), cherry beige keycaps (52), dsa dusky blanks (38), and stroke and structure discipline keycaps (14)

i’ve bought the total materials, i intend to 3d print some “feet” for this board and perchance tent it moderately, here are the pcbs:

this one needs to be somewhat straight forward, i correct need some free time to manufacture it. two “scrabblepads” by donutcables btw.

the dautning task beings, and spoiler: i raise out it multi function weekend (kinda). wisely you already know what they are saying, snarl their own praises dont picture (and my hands ache from this fabricate) so heres some pics of the board whereas i soldered the 450 diodes, switches, etc:

wow! what loyal took you a pair seconds to have a examine took me a pair dozen hours, fabulous. wisely now the easy fragment (i so naively notion) selecting keycaps!
lets correct skip all of my indecsision and skip to what i eventually settled on. a xda 9009 discipline, dsa sad grey blanks, xda light grey blanks, cherry relegenadble keycaps (tipro rebrand), dsa “retro beige”, cherry beige keycaps, dsa dusky blanks, and stroke and structure discipline keycaps.

alot of cutting and frusturating placement of the paper (relegndable caps) later and its completed! here is this board subsequent to some assorted favorites of mine:

sadly i cant officially name this project completed unless i add the 3d printed feet and lift out the qmk, tho fun fact: i typed this total post on the board~
its the truth is no longer as laborious as i notion it will probably perchance well be to swap, its light 123897421987 times better than any staggered non spoil up torture. anyway thanks for reading as much as now! its been fun~

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┈ ren ​♡

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