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A tiny D2C company hacked its way to $500k/mo in sales

Nerdy Nuts leveraged TikTok, Supreme-kind drops, and scarcity to scale their little operation true into a peanut butter powerhouse. This model of The Hustle was as soon as introduced to you by WeTransfer… Tools to sprint tips.
The Hustle, Sunday, October 18, 2020
Sunday, October 18, 2020

How a little peanut butter firm grew to $500ample per month in gross sales

Nerdy Nuts leveraged TikTok, Supreme-kind drops, and scarcity to scale their little operation true into a peanut butter powerhouse.

BY Zachary Crockett

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In August 2020, Craig Mount and Erika Peterson stumbled on themselves in an enviable dilemma.

Nerdy Nuts — the D2C peanut butter firm they’d founded true 18 months earlier — had long gone viral on TikTok. In the span of just a few days, the couple had watched their gross sales multiply by 20x.

But they didn’t possess time to celebrate.

They confronted a backlog of $500ample+ rate of orders, a depletion of stock, and thousands of emails from cranky clients. What began as a little aspect hustle at a farmers market in South Dakota had ballooned true into a monster.

Nerdy Nuts’ shuffle is every entrepreneur’s dream: Bear a fab product. Gain a a amount of procedure to promote. Hack your procedure to expedited boost.

It’s a case ogle in marketing, which touches on:

  • The underutilized price of TikTok as an influencer machine
  • The psychological energy of scarcity
  • The “Holy Grail” of a product feedback loop

But it with out a doubt’s moreover a cautionary memoir about the unglamorous underbelly of overnight success.

From view to farmers market

The couple’s course into peanut butter began around 2015.

At the time, Peterson was as soon as a attire store supervisor on the Chapel Hills Mall in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Mount would time and again grab lunch at a nearby eatery that bought jars of flavored peanut butter.

“The shop closed down and I notion, ‘The put carry out I catch these items now?’” remembers Mount. “So I true decided to present it a shot on my occupy.”

Peterson (left) and Mount (accurate), with their son (Craig Mount)

In the summertime of 2017, he logged on to eBay and bought a veteran Olde Tyme PN1 nut grinder for $870. But rapidly after the acquisition, the couple moved to Immediate Metropolis, South Dakota — and the machine ended up gathering dust in the garage.

In early 2019, Peterson, then pregnant and on the hunt for a new gig, decided to in the end set apart the grinder to utilize.

That summer, she and Mount launched Nerdy Nuts (~$2.5k upfront funding in entire) and started promoting their first two flavors, honey roasted and white chocolate, at a local farmers market.

Zachary Crockett / The Hustle

The farmers market was as soon as the real level of curiosity neighborhood for a new product.

“We spent hours and hours in entrance of are living clients, whom we were ready to behold take a look at out products in true time,” says Mount. “It grew to become a sexy checking out ground — and a ideal plan for us to iterate.”

By the head of the summer, Nerdy Nuts was as soon as the most favorite gross sales living on the farmers market, automatically bringing in ~$1k every Sunday.

For Mount and Peterson, Nerdy Nuts was as soon as simplest intended to be a low-stress aspect hustle.

Mount already made six-figures running an SEO consultancy, a job which monopolized most of his time. The couple was as soon as moreover raising a child — and one more one was as soon as on the plan. They weren’t making an strive to launch a D2C peanut butter empire.

But the market had a amount of plans for his or her product.

The takeoff

Purely out of curiosity, Mount began spending some of his free time finding out the enviornment of interest world of peanut butter.

He went on a voracious reading spree, studying about the historical previous of in kind peanut butter. He befriended individuals of the American Peanut Council, the switch’s greatest switch neighborhood. He spent leisurely nights Googling things love “learn the procedure in which to affix a establish with out getting oil on it.”

By his research, Mount discovered that with regards to 60% of the $1.9B US peanut butter market is controlled by 2 corporations: the J.M. Smucker Firm (which owns Jif) and Hormel Meals (Skippy).

But he moreover compiled an inventory of 127 smaller avid gamers, in conjunction with explain-to-user (D2C) manufacturers, and saw a pattern: Most were marketed as “wholesome” or “keto-qualified.”

He decided early on that Nerdy Nuts would level of curiosity more on kind and enjoyable.

Abet-of-the-notepad math Mount jotted down in the early stages (Craig Mount)

Searching for recommendation on where to employ the firm, Mount posted in The Hustle’s Traits Fb neighborhood, a neighborhood for entrepreneurs.

In the neighborhood, he met a PR whiz named Adrian Salamunovic.

Salamunovic was as soon as cheerful that Nerdy Nuts could be the “Ben & Jerry’s of peanut butter” and educated Mount to double down on quirky marketing.

One view particularly stood out.

Abet in 2008, all over the place in the Obama-McCain election cycle, Airbnb had made $30ample by promoting cereal boxes themed after every candidate. Salamunovic steered reprising the view that with peanut butter.

In June 2019, Nerdy Nuts released a kind for every candidate, primarily based on his or her favorite meals(s):

Zachary Crockett / The Hustle

Mount spent 40 hours frigid-emailing 200+ reporters and bought a chunk from Fox Enterprise. After touchdown a characteristic on the national focus on show The 5, Nerdy Nuts bought its first form of virality.

In the predominant 48 hours after the segment aired, the little firm made $20ample in gross sales.

It was as soon as the firm’s first form of mountainous success — and the industrial was as soon as woefully below-ready for the bump.

Their sole machine could simplest produce 60 jars of product per hour, and so they were working out of a “miniature miniature kitchen” they’d rented from a local catering firm.

Joined by a rotating solid of family and friends, Mount and Peterson labored across the clock to take care of the influx of orders. Their garage grew to become a non permanent fulfillment heart.

“It was as soon as an overnight success memoir, on the different hand it was as soon as moreover trim anxious,” says Mount. “You’re true thrown into this storm and also that that you just might perhaps well presumably possess got no time to occupy.”

Peterson receives an infinite negate of offers (Craig Mount)

The influx forced them to iterate their product:

  • They switched from grinding nuts for every person jar to grinding “batches” and filling more than one jars without lengthen.
  • They migrated their web web page from WooCommerce/Wordpress to Shopify — a determination that improved the checkout course of and boosted negate quantity.
  • They went all-in on D2C gross sales, as against farmers’ markets or extinct retail.

Running Nerdy Nuts as an immediate-to-user industrial, the couple discovered, came with microeconomic benefits.

Extinct meals manufacturers that vie to catch on retail shelves are inclined to practice a rule of 1 thirds when pondering costs and profit:

  • ⅓ = manufacturing costs (e.g., ingredients, manufacturing, labor)
  • ⅓ = distribution costs (e.g., meals market slotting and itemizing costs)
  • ⅓ = retail profit

But going the D2C route, Nerdy Nuts could sustain away from paying for distribution and cleave abet the retail price of its products.

In consequence, the firm’s unit economics were greater: A jar of Nerdy Nuts retailed for $11.99 and cost ~$5 to abolish, a tainted margin of ~60% sooner than a amount of costs.

Better negate quantity soon allowed them to make a selection in bulk and shave down costs procedure more.

Zachary Crockett / The Hustle

By the head of 2019, the couple had netted ~$60ample in gross sales.

Because the industrial won steam, Mount and Peterson grew a miniature apprehensive about the tempo of acceleration. What was as soon as simplest intended to be a hobby was as soon as ballooning true into a beefy-time job.

Mount decided to true sustain things enjoyable and level of curiosity on storytelling.

On the Nerdy Nuts field, Mount and Peterson mad by whimsy, itemizing a abolish-imagine product known as Unicorn Mud for $777.77. They went true into a “heavy pattern duration,” inventing and checking out new flavors, love butterscotch, marshmallow, and toffee.

At some level of most of early 2020, Nerdy Nuts hummed alongside at ~$8k/month in favorite gross sales, buoyed, in segment, by a wave of pandemic-linked peanut butter fright-purchasing for.

But they never could’ve anticipated what the following couple of months had in store.

The TikTok explosion

In June 2020, Mount decided to envision up on peanut butter “product drops.”

“Supreme attire, or [Adidas] Yeezy sneakers, possess these minute model drops your entire time,” says Mount. “I notion, ‘Why no longer carry out the identical thing for peanut butter flavors?’”

Nerdy Nuts dropped 3 new flavors — Monster Cookie, Oreo Cookie, and Circus Cookie — and turned to Instagram to market them.

Nerdy Nuts product drops (Craig Mount)

Mount bought 18 influencers to hawk the peanut butter, however soon stumbled on them to be no longer easy to work with.

“Once an Instagram influencer hits 10ample followers, they occupy they’re some kid of celeb,” he says. “They’ve price sheets and agents. They ask of monthly retainers. They send you these BS proposals, promising x need of impressions.”

The drops were favorite and boosted Nerdy Nuts’ gross sales to $27ample for the month of June. But simplest a portion of those gross sales (107 jars) came from the Instagram influencers.

Peterson had a proposal: Why no longer strive TikTok influencers as an alternative?

The couple reached out to 2 TikTokers: Ali Grace Morsell and Hailey Peters, every of whom had ~500ample followers on the time.

“It was as soon as a fully a amount of response,” says Mount. “They were love, ‘OMG, it is advisable to send me free peanut butter?!’ They were true so flabbergasted that anybody would need to send them one thing for free.”

Astonishingly, movies posted by the TikTokers generated millions of views, main to 5,947 gross sales, and environment off a snowball enact.

Nerdy Nuts gross sales ballooned to $165.2k for the month of July. 

Mount shared a 10% cleave with the influencers — an amount that surpassed Morsell’s husband’s protection pressure take a look at.

Texts exchanged between Mount and Morsell (Craig Mount)

Mount acknowledges that TikTok isn’t some magic bullet. Other meals products — a candy firm and a BBQ joint — tried their luck with the identical influencers and didn’t stare the identical results.

But he’s serene bullish on the potentialities of the platform.

“I will’t stress this ample: Of us are napping on TikTok,” says Mount. “Of us occupy it’s true a living where children carry out boring dances, on the different hand it’s essentially no longer. These influencers made the Fox News gross sales stare love a comical memoir.”

The scarcity ‘feedback loop’

This explosion in gross sales upended Nerdy Nuts’ entire operation. Already facing a backlog, Mount and Peterson scrambled to amplify:

  • They bought 17 more PN1 peanut grinders.
  • They employed a segment-time group of 25 folks.
  • They took over the rent on the kitchen they were sharing.
  • They paid somebody from O’Dang Hummus $9k to “deconstruct” their product line and optimize manufacturing to 4k jars per day.

The stress that came with this hockey stick boost was as soon as overwhelming.

“We had a extraordinarily candy setup sooner than — a balanced standard of living,” says Mount. “Then, with out note, it’s true thousands of offended emails, and making an strive to sustain everyone cheerful.”

One thing that Mount and Peterson did to alleviate dress: spend $8k on a beefy-physique mascot, produced by the identical firm that makes them for NFL teams.

This led Nerdy Nuts to abolish its subsequent needed determination: It closed its field and simplest unfolded gross sales one day per week.

“From a logistics standpoint, promoting out was as soon as the worst thing that could’ve came about,” says Mount. “But from a marketing standpoint, it was as soon as the easiest thing ever.”

Mount stumbled on that promoting out created a lucrative “feedback loop”:

  1. It created an phantasm of scarcity for individuals who didn’t catch a jar.
  2. It made folks that did catch a jar feel exceptionally particular.

When Nerdy Nuts opened the sphere on that first Sunday, they made $80ample in gross sales and needed to shut it down again after true 2 minutes.

Query swamped supply, and clients began to grow irate.

“Of us were calling me begging for peanut butter,” says Mount. “They’d notify, ‘My family member true died and I NEED this,’ or ‘All I valuable in life was as soon as to share a jar with my new child niece!’”

Thousands of emails and Fb feedback poured in — some annoying that Mount and Peterson “catch abet in the kitchen and abolish more peanut butter.”

Peterson with but another large negate of offers (Craig Mount)

On eBay, an aftermarket sprouted up, with jars going for $40 a pop. Prospects despatched Mount images of themselves sitting on their laptops every Sunday, looking ahead to the shop to open.

“Of us possess suggested me that getting a jar of Nerdy Nuts is love getting tickets to a Taylor Swift concert,” says Mount.

The hype came with dividends: In August, Nerdy Nuts topped $505,862 in gross sales — a 20x lengthen from true just a few months prior.

Growing difficulty

Ascending to $500ample in gross sales in a matter of months could sound love a dream effort. But Mount says the growth has set apart the firm in a precarious dilemma.

To fully capitalize on his newfound success, Mount has needed to construct instantaneous partnerships with exterior manufacturers and co-packers.

“Insane boost puts you into crude relationships and shotgun weddings,” says Mount. “You wish to belief folks that that you just might perhaps well presumably possess got no time to wisely overview.”

They’ve moreover confronted a entire lot of pandemic-particular challenges:

  • The nation’s greatest peanut butter firm, Jif, cleaned out your entire 16 oz. peanut butter jar supply, inflicting a shortage.
  • Many peanut producers are struggling to meet increased ask of.

For the previous few months, Mount has deliberately throttled his gross sales so he can remove up on backlogged orders.

But the hype isn’t loss of life down: In September, Nerdy Nuts’ gross sales were $266ample. October is on song to surpass that: One launch by myself — a “Cookies and Yowl” kind — netted the firm $115ample in a single day, pushing its 2020 gross sales entire over $1m.

Zachary Crockett / The Hustle

Mount acknowledges that Nerdy Nuts’ “issues” are a miniature of a “little violin” — particularly in the greater context of a virulent illness that has left millions of American citizens unemployed.

But he’s been wondering just nowadays if the rapidly virality of the industrial is more pain than it’s rate. “We would’ve most well-favored to true grow unhurried and favorite,” he says.

Now 33, Mount is preoccupied with a a amount of form of boost — that of his 2 younger children.

“I’d be at liberty to behold this sell at some point,” he says. “But if all of it crashes and burns the following day, I’ll true roam abet to doing technical SEO.”

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