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Amiga 1000 Phoenix Project


… or failures are your chums :>

The fable in the motivate of this total post is somewhat prolonged nonetheless I’ll strive to be transient 🙂

In August of 2019, I’ve bought an electronic mail from MrTrinsic. Support then, I didn’t but know what is coming lol.

It turned out that MrTrinsic is a large Amiga fanatic and he’d asked me to work on his Amiga 1000 … nonetheless no on a ordinary A1000 nonetheless with an Amiga 1000 Phoenix motherboard!

Amiga 1000 Phoenix Enhanced mobo is an especially rare motherboard exchange for Amiga 1000. Some of us focal level on there were no bigger than 200 objects manufactured, others inform it modified into no bigger than 2000. I’ve no thought both nonetheless restful, it’s very rare so a magic smoke is now no longer an possibility lol.

This motherboard is an sizable hack in itself and that’s the reason MrTrinsic refers to it as DIVA 😀

Let me quote an excerpt from one in every of emails.

You ought to level out or level out extra clearly that the Phoenix Board is a … DIVA!

It is a hack. Shiny see at the handbook what extra or less things that it’s doubtless you’ll perhaps adjust and what extra or less headers there are to swap stuff.

The cost is that it has an especially immoral mark fantastic. Plus, it lacks the Buster-Chip that the Amiga 2000 has.

The Phoenix is a immoral model of the recent A2000 from Braunschweig, which in itself modified into a hacked and beefed-up model of the A1000.

Plus, the Phoenix easiest has two layers. It’s a nightmare as we now possess considered.

It merely constantly has some issues indulge in balance and compatibility components which I’ve tried to form out.

Phoenix mobo modified into developed in 1989/1990 by our fellow chums from Australia and modified into one in every of the very first crowd-funding campaigns! That it’s doubtless you’ll perhaps perhaps read/glimpse extra on one in every of my fav websites ->

Hardware specs come in here ->

The knowing

In the initiating attach, MrTrinsic asked me to work on some external floppy replacements by Dell which I would possibly duvet in one other post. When I’ve figured out that floppy power attach he’d made up our minds we ought to initiate up working on The Phoenix mission.

To initiating with, he’d ship me a huge field with equipment that he wanted to possess in this Amiga. I modified into indulge in OMG! No longer easiest Phoenix nonetheless the entire huge mission modified into about to initiate up!

The knowing modified into to hurry a total lot contemporary hardware add-ons with Amiga 1000 Phoenix and later strive to squeeze it right into a righteous having a see case, plus assemble it alive and valid.

The first package arrived and I modified into basically angry by what I’ve considered.

Amiga 1000 Phoenix in an A1000 case with a total lot mods and hacks already put in, plus, a total bunch assorted hardware mods restful in boxes … and that modified into appropriate for starters …

Clearly, the recent knowing modified into to MAKE Amiga 1000 Phoenix GREAT AGAIN!

Jokes apart, the necessary honest modified into to hurry a graphics card alongside with ACA500plus + ACA1233n accelerator card by iComp

On top of a total bunch assorted minor hardware mods, He’d additionally sent me two graphic cards – ZZ9000 by MNT and GBAPII++ by KryoFlux.

Working it

First things first. Phoenix motherboard is so rare that I first needed to rep out the contrivance in which it basically works and the contrivance in which it’s all linked and loads others.

Because it gave me a gloomy conceal at the very first rush, I needed to initiate up finding out about jumper settings and the board in most cases

Beneath, that it’s doubtless you’ll perhaps survey a block contrivance of particular parts draw to present you with an thought of what’s the attach.

Needless to claim, I’d now no longer transfer on mercurial without MrTrinsics toughen. He’d pointed me to several websites and sent over some extra info relating to the board itself. Indubitably one of basically the most necessary documents I’ve bought modified into the jumper settings file alongside with the recent handbook.

The above documents gave me the final thought of how things ought to work. The very first ingredient that I did modified into the removal of all added mods. I’ve then tried to hurry the A1K nonetheless restful no success – gloomy conceal. MrTrinsic then pointed me to jumper L35 which can also trigger such conduct if set incorrectly and bingo! It labored!

Since Phoenix has slots for bigger than one ROM chip, it’s that that it’s doubtless you’ll perhaps imagine to set up three KickStarts – 1.3. and 3.1 and third as a custom possibility. That modified into already performed, alongside with a swap hack.

The anxiousness modified into that Amiga wasn’t initiating each and each single time. As an alternative, it booted each and each couple of cases. My subsequent transfer modified into to dangle it out and verify out operating it initiate air of the case. Right here’s the attach I’ve started noticing the entire generous texts on the PCB itself. I took PCB out started taking pictures pics of these texts and greetz for more than a number of hackers of that period.

Next, I’ve checked for any apparent issues and when I modified into fully jubilant with this inspection, I’ve put it motivate to a case to merely steer sure of any unintentional brief circuits introduced about by beer-ingesting ;P

I’ve made up our minds that I would possibly strive to hurry it with easiest Indivision ECS2, and KryoFlux GBAPII++ inserted.

I’ve then positioned the swap surroundings for the principle ROM and put an sizable DiagROM by John “Chucky” Hertell in a socket. Yeah, I know, it’s a rather a huge resistor ;P

To my surprise, it labored flawlessly and I modified into greeted by a known diag info and a menu somewhat later.

Once it labored, I’ve figured that it goes to be as easy as a flaky ROM socket anxiousness. I’ve put a 2.0 ROM in the space of DiagROM and Viola! It basically works!

When I’ve figured that phase out, I will also transfer on and initiate working on the different energy provide which modified into …

HDPLEX + Uber superb Amiga adapter

MrTrinsic sent me this HQ HDPLEX Pico PSU nonetheless he’d additionally sent me a extraordinarily frigid DIY KIT – ATX2.0d-Amiga adapter which has orderly frigid choices indulge in over-voltage/unusual protection outputs all wished voltages, and has extra floppy energy outputs. Furthermore, it generates a TICK mark which is excellent to possess for testing.

On the opposite hand, it modified into a DIY KIT so I needed to solder all of it up first.

Blended collectively, it created an sizable and valid energy provide for this Amiga mission.

All I wished to make subsequent modified into to organize the entire wiring. That modified into a trivial job after taking some measurements. I’ve inclined wires from my Nissan Patrol spare wiring kit as these are thick (copper) and superb, hence the coloration mismatch ;P

It labored indulge in a charm so now I had two working energy affords – recent and generous to it HDPLEX with a kickass adapter.

030 cards

The next circulate modified into about including 68030 CPU to the plot. I had two choices as MrTrinsic sent me two assorted choices.

The First resolution modified into an ACA500plus card alongside with an ACA1233n accelerator card by Individual Computers. ACA500plus additionally had an Ethernet add-on – X-Surf 500

These two assemble a huge resolution nonetheless for AMIGA 500. There are now no longer many folk accessible who conducted it with it in an A1000 and severely with a Phoenix mobo!

The first rush modified into promising …

Then I’ve added ACA1233n on an EXTREMELY WANTED DURING PANDEMIC stand 😀 😀 😀

To my surprise, it labored!

Beneath, a demo operating on this setup

The 2nd setup modified into somewhat assorted. It is made of four devices.

  • Open 68000 relocator card
  • 68030 accelerator card
  • SDRam + IDE interface
  • IDE2CF interface

This setup additionally regarded to be working wisely after some assessments, on the opposite hand as MrTrinsic pointed out, it has some balance components and is now no longer going to enable operating some machine so it modified into a backup card in case ACA failed. I don’t possess a video of it operating despite the very fact that.

A host of mods and add-ons

Once accel-cards were tested, I’ve started placing in OS and testing assorted mods. To call the few:

  • X-surf 500 Ethernet card
  • RapidRoad USB
  • Indivision ECS v2
  • KryoFlux GBAPII++

Indivision ECS v2 and SCSI2SD labored flawlessly so I started taking part in with assorted equipment.

After placing in the entire wished machine I’ve in the end managed to rep an IP addr from my native DHCP server

Clearly, I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t extinguish one thing. I’ve by likelihood linked the RapidRoad USB module to a clock port the assorted ability round. The magic smoke regarded and…

Needless to claim, I needed to repair it. After a whereas, it turned out that easiest 3R3 resistor modified into fried.

I’ve mercurial modified it and started testing USB functionality.

GFX cards

Once all assorted important mods were working extra or less wisely, I will also initiate up testing GFX cards excessive-res modes.

Right here’s the attach all of it started to scurry contaminated …

I had two cards to consult with this setup – GBAPII++ by Kryoflux and ZZ9000 by MNT.

GBAPII++ labored wisely easiest with inexperienced 030 cards, nonetheless in such config, there could perhaps be no Ethernet card.

Then I’ve tried operating ZZ9000 alongside with inexperienced 030 and ACA cards nonetheless I’ve encountered autoconfig issues.

At closing, I’ve centered on ACA500plus with ACA1233n and I appropriate couldn’t assemble it work.

When ACA modified into inserted then GBAPII++ modified into fully invisible to the plot.

After updating a total bunch libraries, firmware and reinstalling OS about a cases with none success, we’ve figured out that it goes to be an affect attach. MrTrinsic ordered an adapter for A500 which would enable pumping in extra energy.

I’ve first tested it with a inventory A500.

Same fable, GBAPII++ modified into invisible nonetheless I’ve checked it with A1K and energy injector adapter appropriate to make certain … sadly no success again.

Unfinished 🙁

I’ve invested weeks of time into this GFX anxiousness research nonetheless in the end, I needed to give up on this mission for now. It is restful in an unfinished affirm until we will be succesful of rep a resolution to all issues. The mission is in part performed nonetheless it completely requires extra work and I hope to duvet it sometime in one in every of the long rush posts making Amiga 1000 Phoenix huge again!

But anxiousness now no longer, this gave birth to a new mission which is even extra generous.

For the time being, it’s a piece-in-growth nonetheless that could very effectively be a account for one other blog post 🙂


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