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Anti-Mask League of San Francisco


Barbers in California carrying masks all the plot by the epidemic

The Anti-Cowl League of San Francisco became once a corporation formed to bellow an ordinance which required of us in San Francisco, California to wear masks all the plot by the 1918 influenza pandemic. The ordinance it protested lasted decrease than one month before being repealed. Attributable to the short duration of the league’s existence, its proper membership is advanced to identify; nonetheless, an estimated 4,000–5,000 residents confirmed up to a assembly to bellow the 2d ordinance in January 1919.[1] Opposition to the same ordinances all the plot by the COVID-19 pandemic within the united states ended in renewed ardour in, and comparisons with, the Anti-Cowl League.[2]


Circumstances of the Spanish flu began to seem in San Francisco all the plot by the tumble of 1918. The foremost documented case became once in slack September; by mid-October, town had bigger than 2,000 cases (~400 per 100,000). The city’s Board of Neatly being enacted a range of measures to strive and curb the illness, akin to banning gatherings, closing colleges and theaters, and warning residents to keep a ways from crowds. Professions that served customers (in conjunction with barbers, resort and rooming dwelling staff, bank tellers, druggists, retailer clerks) had been required to wear masks. On October 25, town handed an ordinance requiring all individuals in San Francisco to wear a hide while in public or when in a community of two or more of us, except at mealtime.[3]

Preliminary compliance with the hide ordinance became once excessive with an estimated 80% of of us carrying masks in public. The Red Spoiled sold masks on the ferry terminal for incoming passengers. Any person that failed to wear a hide or wore it improperly became once charged with disturbing the peace, warned and for subsequent violations, fined or jailed. The city well being officer and the mayor both paid fines for no longer carrying masks at a boxing match.[3]

The hide ordinance became once annulled nice November 21, 1918; nonetheless, when cases of the flu began to prolong but again, a recent ordinance mandating masks took function January 17, 1919.[3]

League formation[edit]

Despite the indisputable truth that there had been some complaints from residents all the plot by the preliminary duration of hide-carrying, the contemporary ordinance in 1919 galvanized more indispensable opposition and the Anti-Cowl League became once formed.[3] Participants of the league incorporated physicians, residents,[4] civil libertarians,[5] and never decrease than one member of the Board of Supervisors.[3] An estimated 4,000–5,000 residents attended the assembly on January 25.[1][6] Some individuals of the league desired to safe signatures on a petition to total the hide requirement, while others desired to provoke clutch procedures for town well being officer. Participants of the anti-hide league additionally agitated for San Francisco Mayor James Rolph, Jr., to resign if he did no longer repeal the ordinance. The president of the League, suffragist, attorney, and labor rights activist Mrs. E.C. Harrington, became once a fierce critic of the mayor, and it has been instructed that the anti-hide league protests had been politically motivated.[7] The talk became once heated.[4] Some objections to the ordinance had been per questions of scientific recordsdata while others concept to be the requirement to infringe on civil liberties.[8]

Moreover complaints from the Anti-Cowl League, some well being officers from diverse cities additionally contended that masks had been no longer obligatory.[4] The San Francisco city well being officer criticized the secretary of the bid’s Board of Neatly being for questioning the efficacy of masks, saying “The perspective of the bid board is encouraging the Anti-Cowl League.”[9]

On January 27, the league presented a petition, signed by Mrs. E. C. Harrington as president, to town’s Board of Supervisors, soliciting for repeal of the hide ordinance.[10] Newspapers across the arena took modern of the protesting group.[11][12][13][14] San Francisco lifted the hide requirement nice February 1, 1919, on the recommendation of the Board of Neatly being.[4]

Historical analyses and comparisons[edit]

A sight then in 1919 concluded that wanted hide mandates did no longer create any distinction on epidemic, while looking at that a most likely trigger of their ineffectiveness became once that masks had been frail exterior and never internal in gatherings when stipulations for transmission will be finest. It additionally eminent that most masks had been improperly constructed of insufficient materials.[15]

Nonetheless, per clinical historians, the decline in deaths from influenza in San Francisco can also be partly attributed to the wanted hide-carrying policies.[16]

All over the COVID-19 pandemic within the united states, opposition to the carrying of face masks and anti-lockdown protests ended in comparisons with the Anti-Cowl League.[17][2][18]

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