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Ask HN: Chef by Day, Programmer by Night?


I work 200+ hours a month and I relish my work and my occupation, but I moreover hang a precise relish for computers and programming. I look programming and computer security in my free time. I've lately been wondering if I would possibly glean a pair of dollars on the facet with what I'm discovering out, but I fight to get what particularly I would possibly originate. What are are my alternate options, and what ought to still I focal level on discovering out? Is being an online dev my completely freelance chance? I doubt I'd come up with the selection to originate the leisure where I couldn't do industrial from residence on my possess time.

Also, for those of you who’re within the the same boat as me; how originate you organize to juggle professions? Can you make time for things rather than work for your lifestyles, or is your knowledgeable lifestyles all drinking?

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