Ask HN: For parents, how do you expose your kids to STEM?


Hi HN oldsters, I'm wondering how you expose STEM matters to your early life?

On my side, I like I picked the eagerness as my oldsters recurrently took me to Pure Museums after I turned into as soon as 5 and I turned into as soon as sizable passion to dinosaurs and palentology in licensed at the time. We also take a seat collectively every Sat evening to explore a pair of episodes of palentology functions (per chance BBC or something else nonetheless there turned into as soon as decades within the past). I by no formulation studied in that discipline nonetheless nonetheless I like that turned into as soon as one correct trick to get early life into STEM and I'll per chance operate the same for mine.

What's your trick? I in point of truth like that every kid is naturally involved in STEM nonetheless wants some steering.

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